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Bentley Beyond – The Collection brings new exotic fragrances for both men and women

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Bentley Beyond – The Collection is the newest range of products from Bentley Fragrances, a bespoke collection that includes a trio of exclusive scents for men and women alike. Bentley’s fragrances division promises that others will follow, but for now, the first three perfumes will take you to three different destinations in the world, each associated with one perfume.

The colors draw inspiration from the high-end Bentley Motors world. The lovely fragrances include Exotic Musk, an ambery musky composition which brings notes from Acapulco, Mexico, Majestic Cashmere, with woody notes which take you into a journey to Goa, India, and Wild Vetiver, an aromatic woody scent which tells stories of Java, Indonesia.

The first one reminds of the stunning views and sensual nights of Acapulco, the legendary Mexican resort situated along the Pacific Ocean. The opening notes bring Orris and Ambery Woods, while in depth, the fragrance frees Orcanox, Ambranone, Tonka Bean and Musk, with a White Wood base.

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Goa has many precious ingredients from all over the globe coming together to impress our senses. These are Incense, Coriander, Orris Absolute, Tonka Bean, Ambrette Absolute, Orcanox, Cashmere Woods, Musk, Vetiver Bourbon, Patchouli and Labdanum Resinoid.

The third fragrance, the Wild Vetiver brings to life the lush rainforests and ancient stone temples of Java in notes of Pepper and Bergamont, with deep and strong notes of Verbana, Vetiver, Birch and Amberwood.

The exterior aesthetic has been carefully thought out, much like the exterior design of Bentley cars. The perfumes come in bottles with the design inspired by the legendary cars and proudly wearing the Bentley emblem engraved on the silver metal shoulders of each bottle. The price for one 100 ml flacon rises to $240.

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