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Fendi and Rimowa will take care of your valuables on the road

Fendi and Rimowa

Rimowa, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium travel luggage, has recently teamed up with Italian luxury fashion house Fendi to design a super chic aluminum multi-level suitcase for those of us who love to travel in style. Showing off the double F logo, the hard-case luggage we see here displays the best of what both these brands have to offer.

Details such as black cuoio romano leather handles, both on the top and side, as well as a black and yellow web belt will make packing a real treat. Fashion, comfort, and a stunning design are now available is one exquisite package, and starting this December, selected boutiques Rimowa and Fendi boutiques will allow you to get your hands on one.

Fendi and Rimowa

Rimova is a company that was always associated with premium design, durability and fine craftsmanship, and now the German brand reaches out and tries to influence the fashion industry by revealing these bespoke travel cases. Fendi was an obvious choice for this project, at least to us, especially when you think about their predilection for designing and developing fun and enjoyable things.

Both manufacturing teams joined forces and their attention to detail for this project, something that quickly becomes apparent once you take a look at the gallery below – feel free to play the video as well. The only thing left to do is to start packing.

Fendi and Rimowa


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