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Bentley Fragrances Releases All New Collection for Women

By Georgiana Grama


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In these last couple of years we’ve seen that Bentley Motors isn’t all about the best luxury cars money can buy. Aside from extraordinary cars, the British luxury automaker also makes bags, golf clubs, furniture, festive gifts and.. even honey. But today we’d like to show you the latest additions to the brand’s fragrance collection.

The exclusive Bentley Beyond collection received three new wonderful scents for women: Radiant Osmanthus, a fresh, fruity-floral scent, Mellow Heliotrope, a delightful powdery perfume, and Vibrant Hibiscus, an extravagant floral scent.

Each of these lovely perfumes were designed to represent the individual characteristics of a unique flower, to reflect the character of the exceptional ladies who wear them.

Just like the other Bentley fragrances, these scents are captured in a luxurious glass bottle, inspired by the signature crystal-cut headlights of the mighty Bentley Continental GT. The heavy glass bottles come with a thick base and a superb satin-like effect, each of them being finished with a unique cap, graced by colored suede detailing. 

Bentley Beyond collection 2

Born in the heartland of perfumery, in Grasse, France, Karine Dubreuil Sereni was the master perfumer who created these three beautiful scents for Bentley. Pictured above is the Radiant Osmanthus, a perfume that impresses with top notes which combine sparkling mandarin with cool orange blossom.

The perfume’s osmanthus heart is beautifully complemented by blood peach, with wild jasmine notes and a creamy base that combines sandalwood, white amber and musk. It’s a sweet, light hearted and effortlessly elegant perfume, that will be as delightful as the lovely woman who wears it. 

Bentley Beyond collection 3

Up next, Mellow Heliotrope feels like a dreamy oriental fragrance, combining Heliotrope notes with soft touches of vanilla and anise to get a powdery scent that will last for days. If you don’t know this yet, Heliotrope is a magical Mediterranean flower whose name actually translates to “turns towards the sun”.

The sun’s warm rays will surely turn towards you as you’re wearing this charming fragrance, that opens up with crisp blackcurrant bud and pink pepper notes. Combining a bouquet of violet and heliotrope, the perfume’s heart feels very romantic, while a touch of vanilla and praline will intensify its subtle facts and leave a seductive trail.

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Last but not least, Bentley’s Vibrant Hibiscus perfume has a flamboyant style, mixing a bit of cassis and Italian mandarin, with a lush floral heart made of scarlet peony, Turkish rose and vibrant hibiscus accords. A touch of jasmine was added to contrast with this fiery palette, while exotic sandalwood and Indonesian patchouli act as the finishing touches, underlining the elegant character of this perfume.

Part of the new Bentley Beyond collection, these three fragrances are already available for purchase on Bentley’s official store and select retailers around the world. 

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