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20 Gift Ideas for the Person who has Everything

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Shopping for gifts is already a difficult enough thing to do, but for those of you who’ve got the person who has everything among their friends, coming up with gift ideas for that specific person is becoming an infinitely more daunting task.

And we all know a friend who already owns the latest and greatest of the things he wants, making it almost impossible to buy a gift when his birthday comes or when the holiday season starts.

But if you find yourself in such a situation, despair no more. We’ve got you covered. We have already done our homework and came up with 20 Gift Ideas for the Person who has Everything. So have a look at the following list:

20. A Spiked Water Bottle

Spiked Water Bottle

A water bottle seems like a very common thing, one that anyone can have. But what about a spiked water bottle? Now that’s an entirely different story. It sure looks like a punker’s haircut, but we have to admit that it’s the coolest looking water bottle we’ve ever seen. We don’t know about holding it though, because we didn’t dare to do that.

It also goes by a weird name, as to fit its looks. It’s called the Bkr Big Spiked Water Bottle Tutu and comes in various bright colors, to complete the weird shape. The price tag also matches the spikes and sells for a good $40.

19. A Rare Book

A Rare Book

If your impossible-to-shop-for friend has a thing for books, you wouldn’t miss by going for a very rare book as a present. The rarer the book, the lower the chances to have one already, and if the book is the first edition of your friend’s favorite book, that’s an infinitely better gift.

He or she will be extremely impressed both by his new and unique present and by your surprising ability to really find something they didn’t have already.

Rare books are treasures, but they become even more valuable when they’ve got a personal meaning for their owner, so if you’ve got the chance, this is probably one of the best gifts ever for your bookaholic has-it-all friend.

18. Homemade Cookies

Homemade Cookies

Your friend can have all the things in the world and can try every possible dish at every restaurant, but he can never try homemade cookies made by you. If you don’t make him some that is.

So look for your favorite recipe, get to work and do your best to deliver the most delicious homemade cookies he ever tasted. And if you’ve never cooked something like this before, or never ever tried cooking, well, they will still be the most unique cookies ever made.

We bet your friend will appreciate your wonderful intention no matter the result.

17. A Nice Retro Looking Camera

Leica M240

Everyone has a camera nowadays, either being a big DSLR or a smartphone camera, though not too many people own a cool looking retro camera like the Leica M240.

But don’t let the vintage aesthetic fool you. The Leica M240 is perfectly adapted to any modern photographer’s needs. It features a 24 megapixels full frame CMOS sensor in a rangefinder style mirrorless body, with a high resolution 3″ LCD display, live view, a fast Maestro processor, three focusing methods for near perfect image sharpness and good movie shooting capabilities – capturing 1080p at 25 fps.

With this camera, your near impossible to satisfy friend of yours will look even cooler than before and will make your future gift even harder to choose. But let’s leave the next year’s gift aside for now.

16. A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If your friend has every thing and gadget he can wish for, it’s very probable he doesn’t have time to clean them all, so he’s probably using a maid service to clean and organize his home, so a robot vacuum cleaner would be a nice addition to his already long list of owned things.

The Dyson Automated Vacuum will do whatever it is programmed to do – and by that we mean cleaning the home, not taking over the world and terminating mankind – and it can also serve as a joke to scare visiting friends.

15. A Baby Animal

Baby Animal

If the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is not cute enough for your friend, we recommend a baby animal. Sure, your friend should keep his maid – and even hire more of them – because we can assure you that a baby pet will turn his home upside down every once in a while. Trust us, we’ve seen that happening before.

Besides the mess he will leave at home, a cute little pet will brighten your friend’s days in no time. If they already own a baby animal, well, check the next point on our list.

14. A Clone of Their Pet

Clone of Their Pet

If your friend has already got a cute loveable baby pet, it’s time to get him another one exactly the same. And by that we mean cloning his pet. Yes, that is already possible. Remember Dolly the sheep? And yes, it’s super creepy.

But who wouldn’t want two of their cute and super adorable baby animal to mess up their house even more? Not us, that’s for sure, but we bet your friend would be fascinated at the idea. Well, at least he wouldn’t have a choice, right?

13. An Indoor Skiing Session

Indoor Skiing Session

Skiing outside is boring. Everybody does it. But what about an indoor skiing session? Well, that would be a nice present for your impossible-to-shop-for winter-sports-lover friend.

There are plenty of indoor skiing centres all over the world already, so it wouldn’t be too hard to choose one. Some of them even have a wide range of simulated terrains available, so no matter what your friend’s skill level is, he should be more than satisfied with the experience.

12. An Indoor Surfing Session

Indoor Surfing

If your friend is passionate about or wants to learn surfing and he lives too far away from the ocean – no, we won’t make you buy him a house by the ocean – getting him an indoor surfing session would be a nice enough gift.

Normally you’d have to drive to a facility, wherever they have one, but the awesome guys at FlowRider can install one in your friend’s backyard. That should making him as happy as kid.

11. An Indoor Skydiving Session

Indoor Skydiving Session

Since we’re already talking about bringing the most crazy outdoor adventures inside, we had to have this one on our list as well. An indoor skydiving session. This should fit your adevnture junkie friend enough to last him until the next year’s holiday season or birthday.

Indoor skydiving facilities will allow your friend to get the thrills while eliminating the risks of jumping out of a real airplane. Nowadays there are enough indoor skydiving facilities all over the world, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem.

10. A Flight in a Fighter Jet

Fighter Jet experience

Your friend might have the latest and greatest of everything he or she can wish for, but we bet they’ve never rode a real fighter jet faster than the speed of sound at the edge of space, so it’s probably a good idea to buy him such an experience as a gift. Make sure though they’ve got no heart problems or fear of heights.

There are various options around the world for doing just that, and the guys at FlyFighterJet will definitely be more than happy to make someone else as happy. We don’t know if the smiles in the pictures on their website are indeed from that feeling of happiness or because of the G forces on their bodies, but let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

9. An Audi – An Audi Electric Bike

Audi Electric Bike

If that special someone you’re trying to buy a gift for is the one who’s got it all and seems not to need anything, for sure he’s got an Audi as well. But we’re equally sure that he or she doesn’t have an Audi E-Bike.

The Audi E-Bike is one of the most advanced bicycles in the world. And one of the fastest as well, capable of reaching speeds of up to 80 kph. With a full suspension carbon fiber frame and packed with the latest technology from the world of bikes, the Audi E-Bike is not only futuristic but also sexy as hell in its design.

The Audi E-Bike is surely a unique gift for that unique friend who has everything.

8. An Airstream Trailer

Airstream Trailer

Some people dream of houses, and your friend might have one as well. But does he or she have a nice home on wheels? Something like an Airstream trailer should do the trick, especially if your friend is one of those home-on-the-road type of persons.

The Airstream trailers are gorgeous and have a classic look, but also modern and sophisticated and have all the amenities your friend might wish for, but on the wheels, making for that perfect luxury gift you’re looking for.

7. A Test-Drive in an F1 Car

F1 Car experience

If your friend is passionate about sports cars, he may already have tested a lot of them, own some, but never been in the seat of a Formula 1 driver before. If that sounds like your friend, this gift should be a bless for him. Or her.

No, we’re not joking here. It’s possible to be a Formula 1 pilot for one day and the guys at LRS Formula will offer just that kind of experience. If you want the experience to be even more memorable, you can book an entire package for two more friends and get a few laps in a three seater F1 car. That if you trust your friend’s driving skills.

6. Festive Print Thermal Pajama Set

Festive Print pajamas

Ok, your friend did everything and had every crazy adventure possible, but chances are she doesn’t have a pajama? Look no more, as there are some nice options when it comes to a thermal pajama set in a festive print.

They’re comfy and soft and tick all the right boxes of a pajama set. And they look gorgeous as well. Your adventurous friend will surely thank you for years to come. Or at least during the cold season.

5. T3 Source Showerhead

T3 Source Showerhead

Let’s admit it. Sometimes we need to go for really strange gift options when it comes to finding something to match our have-it-all friends. And what do you do when you run out of options? Oh well, you get them a showerhead.

Wait a moment, because we’re not talking about any showerhead, but about one that will filter chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides, dirt and all the other bad substances that can be found in running water and keep your friend’s hair and skin as healthy and as soft as possible. The T3 Source Showerhead is the one to all that.

And we bet they’ve never thought about getting one for themselves already.

4. A Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roaster

If your friend is the kind that loves a good coffee – don’t we all? – we’re sure he already has his super expensive fancy coffee maker or espresso machine and his favorite coffee mug. But we’re also sure he doesn’t have a coffee roaster.

Now that’s something not many people think of having in their own homes, so there’s a high chance of surprising him with this next level gift. And if you’re going for this kind of gift, make sure it’s a fully customized one to really make it stand out.

3. A 3D Printer

3D Printer

We get it. Your friend already has it all and you don’t have any other clue on what to buy anymore. Everything you think about, he or she already has it. But what if you could give them something with which they can craft whatever they want whenever they want it? Wouldn’t that be something remarkable?

We’re not talking about the magic powers of Harry Potter here, but about a top notch 3D printer. That should do the trick. That should solve your gift buying problem. For this year at least.

2. An adventure on North America’s Longest Via Ferrata

North America Via Ferrata

For your adrenaline junkie friend that no other material gift will satisfy him anymore, you shouldn’t miss with offering him something scary and death defying. The longest via ferrata on the American continent.

Iron rungs which look like they’re about to give way at any moment and several days of being hung up there on the rocks should make your friend happy. At least for a little while. Or until the next big scary adventure.

A company called Canadian Mountain Holidays offers trips which last from two to ten days and they include everything, from meals to gear and lodging. You only need to come up with the money.

1. A Trek to Antarctica

Trek to Antarctica

If you’re reading this point of our list, probably your friend is very hard to satisfy and you need a once in a lifetime experience. And what could be more fit for such a name if not a two week trip to Antarctica, the vast white wilderness.

Offered by National Geographic Expeditions, it’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything. We bet he doesn’t have any emperor penguins for that matter and he doesn’t live in an igloo at the South Pole either.

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    Sarah Cummings January 10, 2019

    Yeah, I understand how difficult it is to give a gift to someone who has everything. I would prefer a once in a lifetime experience so they won’t forget the experience. 🙂


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