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10 Stylish Money Clips to Keep Your Money Safe and Secure

By Vlad Craciun


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The EDC culture is winning ground so it’s just about time for the usual wallet to disappear. Bulky and not too effective, the bi-folding wallet needs to go away. Money clips are discreet, minimalist, and a more stylish version of the classical wallet that conquered the world at the same time with the industrial revolution.

Reminding ourselves of the ubiquitous rat race, the wallet’s time has come to an end. So no more heavy bulky wallets to ruin the neatness and elegance of that perfectly tailored suit. Safe and secure at the same time, matching the best EDC items, money clips are here to stay and help you look modern and pay for fancy cocktails with style.

Since you’re reading this, we bet you’re not someone to carry an old phone and wonder what does EDC stands for, so read on to keep up with the trend and see our choice of 10 stylish money clips to keep your money safe and secure:

10. CL Carbonlife Money Clip – $18

CL Carbonlife Money Clip

Carbon fiber is the new steel. Chic and stylish, the CL Carbonlife money clip is extremely strong and durable, super lightweight and will attract any lady’s look with its scratch resistant matte finish or the high profile smooth and translucent finish.

It’s available in three different sizes and always comes back to its original form, able to hold even only one bill without giving you headaches. Especially if that bill is a $100 bill. A perfect match for travel, the CL Carbonlife will easily substitute your old style wallet and keep your money secure at the same time.

9. Gerber GDC Money Clip – $24

Gerber GDC Money Clip

If you’re reading this post, for sure the name Gerber rings your bells. All of them. Focused on functionality and survivability, Gerber creates some of the most high-quality knives out there.

Combine that with the utility of a money clip and you get their GDC Money Clip with a little extra. A 1.75 inch knife. The blade comes with integrated thumb grip for good control and a firm hold. The body is made from titanium and nitride-coated steel and can hold up to five cards and some cash.

The Gerber GDC money clip fits perfectly in every pocket and gives nothing away with its sleek smooth form. And with its little weight, you won’t even feel it.

8. Vargo Titanium Money Clip – $28

Vargo Titanium Money Clip

Extremely lightweight and sleek looking, the Vargo Titanium Money Clip comes without any bells and whistles. It mixes together form and function to do precisely what it was meant to do: hold your money and cards in place. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s made with care in the USA only from non magnetic titanium with a clean classic design and minimal branding. If you’re the minimalist type of person, the Vargo Titanium Money Clip will be love at first sight.

7. Lever Gear ToolCard Pro + Money Clip – $30

Lever Gear ToolCard Pro Money Clip

For those looking for the most functionality packed in a small tool, the Lever Gear ToolCard Pro with Money Clip was designed for them. The manufacturer markets it as the most functional card tool to date, which doesn’t surprise us with its no less than 40 tools built into the design.

Crafted from 420 stainless steel as a credit card sized money clip, it offers a myriad of tools for the minimal survivalist out there. Can and bottle openers, 24 wrenches, screwdrivers, rulers, straight edge, cord cutter, pry bar and protractor are some of the tool’s functions. The stylish multitool has a sleek minimalist look and it won’t disappoint its wearer no matter the situation.

6. Dosh Luxe Wallet – $50

Dosh Luxe Wallet

The Dosh Luxe Wallet here looks indeed more like a traditional wallet than a money clip, but don’t let yourself fooled. It’s a minimalist compact wallet with 6 card slots which works as a money clip for your bills.

The streamlined design and the wide range of colors available make it worthy for any situation you may happen to be in, from pub-crawling to business meetings. It’s crafted with care in Australia from stainless steel and desmopan polymer, a high tech weather and wear resistant material, but with a pleasant feel, making you not want to leave it down for a second.

5. Ridge Wallet + Money Clip – $72

Ridge Wallet Money Clip

A hybrid construct, the Ridge Wallet and Money Clip brings together the best of both worlds, combining minimalism with utility and functionality. The wallet is able to hold up to 12 cards in its RFID blocking expandable track and it has an integrated external money clip for cash.

The end result is a very thin and lightweight front pocket profile wallet made from aluminium, so you won’t even feel when you spend all your money.

4. M-Clip Money Clip – $80

M-Clip Money Clip

With a classic sleek look, precision cut from aircraft grade anodized aluminium and finished with a satin coating, the M-Clip Ultralight V Money Clip is a stylish lightweight replacement for your wallet.

It comes in two sizes, standard or extra large, four colors, and the option of having a solid metal or rubber inlay. If you want to make it yours, you can also personalize it with laser engraving before ordering.

3. KeyClip 6 Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet – $89

KeyClip 6 Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet

What are top three things that most EDC’s contain? You guessed it. Cash, cards and keys. That’s exactly what the clever folks at Left Field Design were also thinking about when they decided to create the KeyClip Wallet.

The detail that sets the Key Clip apart from other money clips is that it holds your keys too. Well, it does have a USB drive and a multi tool, but probably the name would have been too long.

Crafted from hardened stainless steel and carbon fiber, the KeyClip 6 can hold up to 8 cards and 6 keys or tools, plus some cash or any combination between.

2. Jacob Bromwell Lexington Money Clip – $200

Jacob Bromwell Lexington Money Clip

Handcrafted with care in the USA from solid cooper, the Jacob Bromwell Lexington Money Clip is a classic available in limited quantities for only the true gentlemen. Unlike other money clips out there, this one isn’t a multitool and doesn’t do much besides holding your cards and money organized. But that it does with style.

Lifetime guaranteed, the Jacob Bromwell Lexington money clip speaks of quality and gallantry. It’s a wonderful piece with which you can’t go wrong anywhere you’ll go.

1. Mont Blanc Steel and Carbon Money Clip – $240

Mont Blanc Steel and Carbon Money Clip

When you hear the name Mont Blanc, you shouldn’t think of anything else but elegance and sophistication, qualities that they managed to instill even in their small and stylish money clip.

The Mont Blanc Steel and Carbon money clip beautifully combines the stainless steel with carbon in a svelte build, with the carbon inlay balancing the sheen of the stainless steel around, making it a perfect wear for both casual and formal occassions.

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