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These are the 15 Best Motorcycle Goggles of 2023

By Victor Baker


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British Customs

If it’s freedom and adrenaline you’re looking for, riding a motorcycle is definitely a good idea. Aside from safety or traffic issues that some people might think about first, not to mention insurance companies, riding a bike is an exhilarating experience. Can you improve upon such a feeling?

Well, it’s a matter of preferences – as it is with most personal experiences. we could debate motorcycle companies, bike styling, engines, sound – the list could go on. But I doubt most of you think about motorcycle goggles – you didn’t, I am sure of it. That may have been a mistake.

If danger is your middle name, and you drool over the time when riding a bike meant hard-core men, leather jackets, and so on, choosing a pair of goggles might just be a good idea. Either way, it should be fun to shop for, and the market is filled with so many interesting options.

As such, we decided to help you out and come up with a short list meant to guide you in the right direction. This protective accessory is somewhat underappreciated and really goes well with open-faced, cafe-style helmets. Shopping is easy, but how to decide – that’s a bit difficult.

Motorcycle Goggles: What To Look For

Biltwell goggles

Raw Materials

Manufacturing protective eyewear requires quality materials, and these days companies have plenty to choose from. But as you might anticipate, they usually end up going for affordable choices, yet sometimes their priority is delivering state-of-the-art equipment, and we appreciate nothing but the best.

Most motorcycle goggles out there use polycarbonate lenses due to their durability and impact-resistant properties, but when it comes to scratches, that’s a different story. Sure, more expensive iterations will feature higher UV protective qualities and so on. It’s all a matter of choice.

UV Protection

Speaking of which, riding a motorcycle may be fun and all but protecting your eyes and managing to keep the focus on what’s important while on the road is vital if you want to arrive at your destination in one piece. Romantic notions aside, nobody enjoys when sunlight prevents them from seeing where they are going – be it sunset, or not.

When it comes to UV protection, goggles don’t stray away from normal eyewear. Polycarbonate lenses are there to reflect much more light than a normal lens would, preventing UV rays from penetrating problematic areas of your eye and thus preventing damage. However, be smart and always check the ratings and filter levels of any eyewear you like and might decide to purchase.

Scratch Resistance

Nobody likes that to happen to their favorite eyewear. Adequate protection means that outside influences can be ignored and that the rider’s vision will remain unobscured.

As such, most modern-day motorcycle goggles use Trivex lenses incorporated with built-in scratch-resistant treatments – don’t go thinking that lenses will remain brand new whatever you put them through; let’s just say that decent, ordinary everyday use will allow them to remain in top shape.

Anti-Fog Protection

Fog doesn’t come to mind when you think about riding motorcycles. We always dream about enjoying that experience on a sunny day, on a straight and clear road. However, Mother Nature does not always comply. Companies do think about that, and fog-reduction compounds have been introduced to eliminate condensation and moisture. How cool is that?

Now that we have all the proper info we needed before getting into this subject, let’s check out the best motorcycle goggles on the market.

Halcyon MK49 Goggles

Halcyon MK49

The Halcyon Mark 49 seems ideal for both fighter pilots and motorcyclists and these handmade aviator motorcycle goggles would easily seduce anyone. Designed for modern times, but looking like my grandpa’s companion, these goggles promise some of the best eye protection in the world.

They aren’t really cheap and pack quite a bit of history within them, but once you see the chrome-plated polished brass construction and reinforced and durable hand-stitched leather padding, you will understand. Perfectly capable of handling bad weather, these goggles won’t feature tinted lenses and the helmet size might also be an issue. Aside from that, there is no reason whatsoever to ignore these goggles.

Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles

Biltwell Moto 2.0

Biltwell is a name that has been mentioned quite a lot in the motorcycle world, and for good reason. First off, their goggles are affordable, a tiny little detail that usually gets people interested. They’re basic from some points of view, but these goggles do exactly what you want, sans sophisticated touches.

The Biltwell Moto 2.0 are as tough as they come, which is why a lot of riders prefer them over other products – well, that and the fact that they come in a range of subtle colors. A strong type of injection-molded plastic coupled with a large-lens eye-port delivers impressive vision thanks to an impact-resistant, anti-fog, and completely removable polycarbonate lens. What else could we say?

British Customs EQ Knox Maska

British Customs EQ Knox Maska

What you see here is the EQ Knox Maska, an unusual mix between goggles and glasses, but that’s beside the point. Looking like they do is enough to make people curious; however, we should mention that high-strength polycarbonate lenses were used to make this happen.

Features like anti-fog, anti-scratch coating, and so on are also part of the offering. The synthetic leather lining the lenses is a nice touch and I have to admit I appreciate the stainless steel hardware. The interesting leather strap system is a welcomed addition as well and daily commuters will love nothing more than to enjoy the Maska on their way to work.

Bobster Bugeye Goggles

Bobster Bugeye

Bikers are familiar with the Bobster brand because they offer plenty of cool motorcycle goggles, such as this affordable item we see here. Efficient, compact, and fitted for a cafe racer, these goggles were manufactured from flexible plastic and pack glare-free and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses capable of keeping UVA and UVB rays away.

Designed to be comfortable, these goggles also show off an adjustable strap. It is worth mentioning, though, that due to the aforementioned plastic construction, this pair will not be passed down from generation to generation.

Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles

Oakley O-Frame MX

Thinking about an extreme adventure? We’re not the ones to judge, but these goggles right here fit your plans. Made from a tough urethane material, they will handle extreme temperatures with ease while also promising flexibility and comfort. As you might expect, Oakley delivers simplicity and efficiency, all at an affordable price – when one of the titans of the eyewear industry does that, you pay attention.

So, what do the O-Frame MX goggles have to offer? Scratch-resistant Lexan lenses, able to reduce the effects of glare, comfortable plush moisture-wicking, as well as a practical non-slip silicone strap. There are no complaints here. Oh, the tear-off strips coming with these goggles might come in handy if you’re planning to get dirty.

Global Vision Mach-1 Goggles

Global Vision Mach-1

Like a blast from the past, Global Vision returns as a brand that has built a reputation for delivering reliable products. First off, the Mach-1 motorcycle goggles are reasonably priced; manufactured from strong plastic, this cool offering comes bearing the gift of scratch-resistant, shatterproof, anti-fog polycarbonate lenses.

A UV400 filter will make sure you won’t have any lame excuses, such as “the sun got in my eyes, officer”. At the same time, an adjustable strap with anti-slip grips will make sure these goggles stick around. What shall it be: a clear or smoke tint?

Bobster Phoenix Interchangeable Goggles

Bobster Phoenix Interchangeable

These Phoenix goggles are extremely versatile and, yes, the interchangeable lenses may have something to do with that. The extra tinted lenses are more than welcomed and the same could be said about the flexible polyurethane material, sweat-absorbing neoprene cushioning, and durable nature.

The lenses can handle the pressure as well as UV rays while coming in three different variations – anti-fog smoke, amber, and clear. At the end of the day, you just gotta love the unique delivery.

Pacific Coast Airfoil 9300 Goggles

Pacific Coast Airfoil 9300

Sleek and meant to make you look good, these motorcycle goggles come from the Pacific Coast and will fit even over your regular glasses. These goggles were built around a black frame from ventilated plastic. They’re extremely comfortable and will keep the elements afar while the shatterproof polycarbonate lenses rated at UV400 – available in polarized, clear, amber, yellow, and smoke iteration – complete the vibe.

Speaking of finishing notes, the ANSI Z80.3 and ANSI Z87.1 certifications mean that the standard UV protection is through the roof and impact resistance is impressive.

Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles

Bobster Cruiser 2Another option from Bobster, the Cruiser 2 goggles feature three interchangeable lenses. Designed with cruising in mind, these goggles will allow Harley Davidson owners to face any weather conditions while looking stylish. Cruiser riders will also feel comfortable on any ride with these goggles, and given the brand name they show off, it’s safe to assume you’re gonna like them.

Built around a polyurethane frame, the Bobster Cruiser 2 goggles benefit from a sweat-absorbing open-cell foam liner, which means a comfy ride; speaking of which, the air circulation holes within the frame will help with that as well. Add in the interchangeable polycarbonate lenses available in clear, smoke, and amber, and the ultraviolet coatings and you’ve got yourselves a winner.

Fox Racing Main II Goggles

Fox Racing Main II

Extreme sports enthusiasts are quite familiar with Fox Racing. The company has various goggles available on the market, and their entry-level Main II will do the job, and do the job very well. Built around a durable plastic frame, reinforced with triple-layer face foam, these goggles will keep the dirt out of your eyes – isn’t that what they were supposed to do, in the first place?

The fleece liner delivers comfort, the scratch-resistant Lexan lenses promise 100% UV protection and they’re even interchangeable. Coming in a microfiber bag and benefitting from a non-slip silicone strap, these goggles are just what the doctor ordered.

SPY Sprinter Glasses

SPY Sprinter Glasses

SPY has been a visible brand in the motorcycle world for a while now and their Sprinter glasses are a safe bet – they will surely impress you. The brand’s proprietary Happy Lenses were used on this product, and they were designed to enhance colors and improve clarity – all riders appreciate that, right?

Excessive light will be handled by Trident polarization while also protecting your eyesight in the process. The company also went for a ventilation system, to ensure the rider will always feel comfortable. We should also mention that SPY came up with an interchangeable lens system, but that’s not really something new.

Ornamental Conifer Barstow

Ornamental Conifer Barstow

Ornamental designed the Conifer to show off both vintage styling and modern features, and the unique design of these goggles speaks for itself. The Conifer Barstow goggles impress thanks to a wonderful silhouette, one inspired by 1970s desert races and reminiscent of the golden era of motorcycling, when even the movies were better.

Aside from loads of character, which you feel upon touching them, these goggles also feature a triple-layer foam liner meant to handle moisture, a flexible urethane frame, and anti-fog Lexan lenses. Are these goggles comfortable? Of course. Will you look cool while wearing them? Feel free to check them out.

100% Barstow Garage

100% Barstow Garage

A strange brand name? Perhaps, but 100% is always there when it comes to cool projects for bikers, and their Barstow Garage goggles are proof of that. Built around a minimal frame design and showing off a vintage, old-school vibe, these goggles also come with uniquely-shaped lenses that promise riders nothing but the best visibility.

There will be no fog bothering you on your way to work these goggles will sit comfortably on your head, and the only thing left to do is have the fitting bike to match them. Any ideas, yet?

Red Baron Aviator Goggles

Red Baron Aviator

Those of you that have been paying attention in History class will feel somewhat intimidated upon hearing this name: Red Baron. Yet again, an affordable set of goggles gets our attention and seems to be ideal for emergencies or for resting in your saddlebag, waiting for a moment to shine.

Flexible plastic and shatterproof lenses make the Red Baron goggles comfortable and durable. Rated for UV400, the lenses will also keep out road debris and the elements. So, if you’re feeling brave and thinking about riding your bike through a storm, these are the goggles to do it with.

Liberty Pathfinder


Flexible and safe while showing off a 6-base wrap-around design Liberty’s Pathfinder goggles will make the perfect companion, no matter where you are going or what bike you are using to get there. A strong injected nylon construction made it all happen, with the addition of a TPR insert keeping close to the temple area for extra grip.

Liberty went all out with this one, which is why we get to mention the flexible TPR rim, designed to protect the rider against dust, water, wind, and anything else you could think of. Did we get to say that the brand also thought about hypoallergenic features? Talk about attention to detail.

So there you have it. These are the best motorcycle goggles out there, at least in our opinion. Did we miss anything?

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