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10 Cool Motorcycle Helmets You Need to Buy Right Now

By Vlad Craciun


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You were born to ride. Ride not just any way, but with style. And that can’t be complete without a cool motorcycle helmet that will look good and offer the required protection as well. There’s more to riding with style than the helmet, but that’s the most important piece of gear you can have with you on a bike.

While some may think that riding without a helmet looks cool and rebellious, we don’t recommend it. It’s for our own protection after all, and if you choose the proper one, it won’t look that bad either. Actually, if you pick it carefully, choosing a motorcycle helmet that fits your style and your way of life, it will surely look better than no helmet at all.

And speaking of style, you’ve got plenty of choices today, from cool retro and vintage looking to modern and custom helmets, there’s a myriad options out there. If you haven’t already decided which one is for you, or you’re just curious, take a look at the 10 cool motorcycle helmets you need to buy right now:

10. Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

Bell is one of the most famous motorcycle helmet manufacturers on the market today, especially for those looking for that cool look of retro and vintage motorcycle helmets. Their Bullitt is an iconic product drawing inspiration from the Bell Star helmets of the 60s and 70s, and mixed with bold colors and the brand’s signature lines, it makes for a modern classic everybody loves.

Bell approaches helmet manufacturing like an artist approaches his works of art, and Bullitt makes no exception from that. The helmet is made from only high quality materials and features a genuine leather interior. It’s also available in carbon and comes with many shield options to further customize it.

9. Scorpion Exo Covert Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion Exo Covert Motorcycle Helmet

The Scorpion Exo Covert is a bold looking motorcycle helmet, complete with built-in drop down sun visor and a nice and sleek front mask that attaches itself magnetically. Surprisingly, the Scorpion Exo is also lightweight and a tight fit. It’s not perfect, it’s not the best out there, but with its cool looks and reduced weight it makes for a very desirable helmet for many riders.

8. CrossHelmet X1 HUD Motorcycle Helmet

CrossHelmet X1 HUD Motorcycle Helmet

The CrossHelmet X1 HUD feels like taken out of a sci-fi movie, and not only due to its futuristic design, but also due to the integrated HUD (head-up display) that comes with the visor. Think of it like the smart motorcycle helmet for the future of motorcycling.

Other cool features include 360 degree visibility – with the help of a rear view camera for extended awareness behind the rider, a sound control function – the first time ever in a motorcycle helmet – Bluetooth connectivity and a nice app with maps, volume control and group talk.

7. HJC Star Wars RPHA-11 Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet


The Boba Fett is an iconic character in the Star Wars universe and some people thought it might look cool to have a motorcycle helmet styled after the character’s helmet. Behold the HJC Star Wars RPHA-11 Boba Fett. We must admit we’re impressed with the way it looks, so we’ll give credit to the guys who came with the idea.

The helmet has a battle worn aesthetic to it, and is made with top-notch materials, including carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric. With its aerodynamic shell structure, advanced channeling ventilation system, large eye port and automatic shield locking system, the helmet wins our applause.

6. Icon Airflite Battlescar 2 Motorcycle Helmet

Icon Airflite Battlescar 2 Motorcycle Helmet

Another battle-worn themed helmet, this time from the iconic brand Icon, the Airflite Battlescar 2 is a wonderful addition to the market. Especially when you look at that amazing stretched down visor. It simply looks stunning.

The Icon Airflite Battlescar 2 motorcycle helmet comes with an injection molded polycarbonate shell, with intake and exhaust ports, fog free inner sun shield, removable liner and a recessed twin channel cooling vent.

5. NECA Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet


Among all the custom made helmets, we’ve got to give this one a top place. The NECA Master Chief motorcycle helmet really hits the sweet spot when it comes to aesthetics, with its design inspired by the iconic Master Chief from the Halo video game franchise.

On the functional side of things, this helmet has a cheap build, so it really isn’t that great, though it comes with plenty of features. Among them there are the matte UV protective clear coat, front and rear air vents, reflective shield and double D-ring nylon chin strap with snap closure.

4. AUTOPDR Open Face Vintage Motorcycle Helmet with Goggles Mask

AUTOPDR Open Face Vintage Motorcycle Helmet with Goggles Mask

With its cool looking retro style, the AUTOPDR Open Face Vintage motorcycle helmets wins our attention. Add to it the goggles mask and you’ve got one of the coolest looking helmets around. Match it with a Harley Davidson motorcycle and hit the road like a bad-ass biker.

Beyond the aesthetics, this helmet impresses with other qualities as well. It’s got premium comfort, UV protection and light ABS and PU leather shell, and at the same time, it’s quite affordable when you consider the other options on the market.

3. Unexpected Custom Versailles Helmet

Unexpected Custom Versailles Helmet

The guys at Unexpected Custom do a really good job with the helmets they’re customizing. The Italian brand, born back in 2010, have specialized in making custom helmets for names like Versace, Berkel and the like, so expect to get some incredibly high price tags, from $200 all the way to $2,000.

On the other hand though, you know you’re going to be wearing a real beauty. Their Versailles themed open face helmet was inspired by France’s King Louis XIV and his astonishing palace near Paris. The shell is decorated with silver leaf fleur de lys motifs, to which the Swarovski studs add even more reasons to impress.

2. Bell Moto-3 Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Moto-3 Motorcycle Helmet

The iconic Bell gets on our list again, this time with their legendary Moto-3 retro motorcycle helmet. Inspired by the original Moto-3, the first ever full face off-road helmet, the new one meets both ECE and DOT standards, which is a rare and very welcome feature.

The Moto-3 comes with a lightweight shell from composite and fiberglass, with a 5 snap visor. The paint-job is simply awesome and right what we’d expect from a brand like Bell, coming in a range of colors. The Bell Moto-3 helmet really lives up to the expectations while keeping its past alive but also upgraded to fit modern safety and aesthetics standard.

1. DMD Seventy Five Waves Motorcycle Helmet

DMD Seventy Five Waves Motorcycle Helmet

The Italian company DMD brings back the cool 70s with their Seventy Five Waves motorcycle helmet, upgraded to meet all the safety standards of today’s industry.  The helmet has a carbon shell made to pass both ECE and DOT safety standards, so you can put your hopes in it.

The paint scheme is among the best out there, inspired from the trends of that gold period, and the helmet fits a wide range of goggles or snap on visors. All in all, the DMD Seventy Five Waves is one of the coolest motorcycle helmet you can buy right now.

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