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These are the 15 Best Dirt Bikes For Kids

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Best Dirt Bikes For Kids
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There are so many different fun activities to get your kids into and dirt biking is definitely one of them. For kids with lots of energy, this is surely a great way to spend some time outdoors.

You know your child, so if you think this is something they would love to do, getting them the right bike might get a bit overwhelming.

It involves many factors, and we put together a guide for you so you can make an informed decision before investing your money on a pass-time that might be temporary.

How should you choose the best dirt bike for your child?

choosing the best dirt bike
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  1. First and foremost, you should consider the quality of the materials the bike is built from. Full suspension is also very important.
  2. The brake response and throttle, along the handling, as well as a single-gear transmission is probably wiser.
  3. The bike’s design and cool factor is also pretty important, but not more than the safety features.
  4. Speed and torque are other points to take into consideration, next to the range. Some check all the boxes, but the battery is not as strong, so don’t forget to inquire about extra battery packs if that is the case.
  5. The lighter the bike the better. They are usually easier to control, not to mention off-road.
  6. Customer service is important as well, and many people forget to inquire about it. You want a company who takes customers’ needs seriously and deals with issues rapidly.

What else to look for in an electric dirt bike?

what to look for in a dirt bike

Your child’s size and seat height should be proportionate. Age is not as important as their height. One way to make sure the electric dirt bike is the right fit is to make them sit on it – if their feet reach flatly on the ground, then it should be a good fit. Pretty simple, right?

Tire size is another thing. The smaller the tire, the easier to control. Unless they’re a bit older and can handle themselves on a bike without too much worry, go with the smaller option for a first time.

Engine size for a first bike should be about 50cc, then as they get older they can progress to a stronger engine that has a lot more power.
Don’t overlook the resale value, because they will eventually grow out of it. If you’re not one hundred percent sure your child will be a rider for life, or at least until he/she physically outgrows it, maybe go for the cheaper model.

There’s a huge difference between spending around $300 and $3000 if they’re going to be bored with it within a couple of weeks. If you spent upwards of $5000, you probably would like to get some of that money back from selling it.

Why should your kid ride a dirt bike?

dirt bike for kids

There are so many reasons. First and foremost, every kid should learn how to ride a bike. It is like a rite of passage, a skill that you never forget. Riding a bike teaches balance and coordination, not to mention independence. Since it is a solo sport, they can go riding any time, without waiting on someone to be able to join them.

Another skill they will learn is what it means to take care of it. The maintenance, cleaning, even fixing minor breaks is very important for growing up and learning responsibility.

And last but definitely not least, it’s really fun riding a dirt bike especially off-roads, away from cars.

We made a list of the 15 best dirt bikes that fall under all these categories. Age appropriate and at different budgets, you’ll get an idea what’s available on the market right now. Also, there are three different categories of bikes, and we did our best to include at least one of each model.

There are gas engine bikes or electric, then they are the budget ones, which might be a good option for the parents whose children switch hobbies faster than we blink.

Let’s take a look at the dirt bikes for kids that made our top 15.

15. Monster Moto E1000 Mini Electric Dirt Bike

Monster Moto E1000 Mini Electric Dirt Bike

This first bike we chose to review falls under the electric and the budget friendly category. This is a starter bike for your little ones. Kids as young as four can ride this bike, but it is recommended for 14 years and up.

It has generic components, nothing really fancy about it, but the thickness of the tires and the analog battery indicator, which warns you when it’s time to charge the battery. Good bike to learn to ride on.

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14. Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath


This is another mini bike model that claims it is for 14-year-olds’ and up, but younger kids can safely ride it too. With a top speed of 14 mph, this bike is safe for the off-road experience, since it’s not the fastest on the market.

This rigid tail electric bike comes with a throttle limiter, battery charge of up to an hour depending on the type of riding, proper standard suspension and disk brakes. It offers a safe and fun riding experience, but not too much power.

13. Pulse Performance EM-1000 Electric Bike


This might be the most affordable bike on the market right now, so a great idea for the first time rider. The age recommended for this bike is between 8-11 year olds, but a younger child could probably ride it without too much stress.

The gentle acceleration and the instant throttle response is appropriate for children getting accustomed to the dirt bike experience, but because it doesn’t come with a suspension it’s probably best to ride on flat surfaces.

12. Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle

Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle

An attractive bike, the Apollo BD-10 has a real dirt bike frame that comes with thick knobby tires. Because it comes with universal parts, that makes it easily repairable in case something needs replacement.

It rides well on dirt surfaces and off-road, so your child can have a bit of fun, unfortunately the range is just under ten miles, so make sure they don’t wander off too far. The experienced rider will be put off by the 15 mph top speed, so this is more appropriate for the beginner.

11. Yamaha PW50

Yamaha PW50

This fully automatic single -speed transmission allows the younger riders to twist the throttle and go. The shaft-drive keeps maintenance down, and it makes it safer as well.

The fuel-injection system makes it fun to ride, and because of its 2-stroke engine it will require more maintenance down the road. The seat height is low at 12 inches, which makes it perfect for shorter riders.

10. Oset 12.5

Oset 12.5

Oset is probably the best choice for an electric bike for young kids between three and five years old. At 24v 600w motor, the bike has enough power to give the little one a taste for the rush of riding a dirt bike without overwhelming them. Its attention to safety is probably the main reason the bike rates so high.

The power modes are fully controllable, as well as the throttle adjustment. Without hazardous emission or heat that the exhaust would emanate it is a great option for the beginner.

9. Oset 20.0 Eco

Oset 20.0 Eco

From the same company, here comes the best rated electric dirt bike for kids. This is not just a toy, it is a sporting machine. Aimed at kids between 8-12 years old, its 1200w 48v engine offers them the power they crave.

For the most experienced rider for sure, they will just twist the throttle and be ready to hit the road. Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, adjustable suspension, among other great specs makes this fairly priced bike for all it offers.

Oset Bikes

8. Suzuki DR-Z50

Suzuki DR-Z50

Although this is a pretty well rated bike, because there aren’t many models like it, the parts are harder to find if they need replacing. Otherwise, it is a great environmentally conscious gas engine bike.

The combination of both electric and kick start is a very useful feature for those times the batteries are down or the starter is gunked up. The easy to operate three gearbox builds the confidence of the young riders, so they can graduate to a full bike in a few years.

7. Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50 Kids

Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50 Kids

This model is for active, high energy kids that need adventures. Massive power, instant torque and speed lightning acceleration is what they will get with this bike.

Although powerful, it is surprisingly light, which makes it easier to do stunts with and, of course, carry. On top of that, it is a stylish, wifi connectable bike. The only negative we can find is that battery life only offers one hour of riding, and it takes about five hours to fully recharge.

6. KTM SX E5 Kids Electric Motocross Dirt Bike

KTM SX E5 Kids Electric Motocross Dirt Bike

Austria’s KTM specializes in electric motocross bikes, and they are innovators in the e-sector. For the more experienced riders, this bike is appropriate for 5-11 years old. The throttle and brakes are highly responsive, and the complete suspension system makes it good for dirt tracks.

The layout is waterproof, and its air cool motor allows them to ride without worrying about the engine getting too hot. The two hour range is a definite plus, and the aluminum rims with the Maxxis tires are great for grip.


5. Honda CRF125F

Honda CRF125F

This bike comes with more speed, controllable powerband and low ground clearance than others in its category. This is best for taller kids as the wheels are wider, and it has four gears, so the clutch lever shouldn’t intimidate them too much.

The electric start button and kick start is another interesting feature, which is very convenient if the battery dies. This electric motorcycle is more trail oriented, so it is built to handle all terrain and it is easy to maneuver.

4. KTM 65 SX


For the more experienced and a little older kids, this bike comes with a clutch, six speed transmission, and 65cc engine. This two-stroke power engine is the most competitive in the kids dirt bikes category.

It is the perfect in-between model for the kids who are getting ready to convert to the adult bike world. Perfect for the motocross racer, this bike offers a great off-road experience.


3. Honda CRF50F

Honda CRF50F

Safe, reliable and fun is what you get from this Honda bike. It is great for the young riders, the only thing that might intimidate them might be the kick-start only, but it is a convenient feature, and one they will master in no time.

The bike offers practical USD suspension along with an adjustable rear shock for off-road comfort. Safety is one of their main concerns, and parents will love the keyed ignition and throttle limiter. The 4-stroke engine is reliable and it doesn’t require pre-mixed fuel.

2. Yamaha TT-R50E

Yamaha TT-R50E

Another powerful and reliable gas engine bike, this is also appropriate for the younger riders. Yamaha’s fuel injection system is great. It offers all the fun you would get from a 2-stroke engine, but without the hassle of premixing fuel.

The fully automatic transmission is easy to master, and the shaft-drive keeps maintenance down and it is a safety feature. Perfect for your little rider who can just twist the throttle and begin their adventure.

1. KTM SX 50


Brought to you from Austria’s best rated gas engine dirt bikes out there is the SX 50. For the younger kids, this bike is appropriate for the 4-10 year olds, and it is a great starter bike for your little ball of energy. A great performance bike, it comes with race proven technology. The twist and go single speed transmission is easy for them to grasp.

Unfortunately, this 2 stroke 50cc dirt bike does not have an electric starter, which would have made this bike absolute perfection. Other than the steep price!


This is our list of the best 15 dirt bikes for kids you can buy in 2021. We wish you and your little ones hours of fun, and ride safely!

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