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The 20 Best Mini Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

By Adrian Prisca


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Best Mini Bikes
Kawasaki Z125 Pro

You know the saying: “Good things come in small packages”? Well, this is also true when it comes to bikes. There are several reasons for that, some of them being that they are more affordable, they offer you more freedom to get around, and are easier to maneuver.

They also use less space, especially if parking is a concern and for some of those bikes you don’t even need a license, because they cater to a younger population. You can simply walk off the lot and ride them.

If you’re into high performance and speed the mini bike will probably not appeal to you. But for those city slickers that just want something that doesn’t require too much maintenance and money to upkeep, this will be right up your alley. Or if you like to go on rough terrains and explore on the weekends, that’s also a good hobby to look into.

Mini Bikes: What To Look For

Mini Bikes What To Look For
Honda Grom

When you’ve decided that you’re in the market for a mini bike, here are a few things that are good to know beforehand.

Engine size

There are a few things you might want to know about the type of engine and the size. First, is it a fuel injection or carbureted engine? The maintenance is not the same, and fuel injection is probably more common.

Most mini bikes have between a 40-100cc engine, which will allow you to ride at 25-30mph, although it is pretty common to find more adult oriented bikes that can go up to 50-75mph. 


The more reputable the motorcycle brand, the better materials they use, which gives you a higher quality ride. Reliability is very important, so keep your eyes open for what each brand offers and their reputation.

You might save in the short term but if it costs you a lot to replace parts over the long haul, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the purchase. Look for warranties as well, better be safe than sorry.

Street Legal or Not?

Some bikes are turnkey race machines, which means they are more appropriate for off-terrain than the streets. If you need it as a mode of transportation, make sure the bike is legal for riding on city streets or highways.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to use it solely for entertainment purposes, then the street legal status is irrelevant to you.


Shop around first to figure out which look suits your style best. Do you prefer the retro look of the more traditional make of the Honda Z50 for example, or do you want a more contemporary and trendier model?

There are many styles to choose from, which we will show you shortly. Once you see the actual bikes it should make your decision easier.

Electric Mini Bikes
Indian EFTR JR. Bike

Power Source

There are more and more electric bikes on the market, which are better for the environment and quieter. Or does the true power of a gas engine appeal to you more?

Aftermarket Availability

Most bike guys know that if they have parts available on the aftermarket, they will be able to personalize and customize their rides to make it their own. That is the beauty about owning one of those machines, putting your personal touch on it.


This goes without saying, but the budget is a very important factor to consider. There are models ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars well into the thousands. Again, depends what you will use the bike for and budget accordingly.

There are also two types of bikes that cater to different needs. They are:

  • Dirt Bikes – Off-road mini bikes that you can have fun with on rough terrains. Perfect for the adrenaline outdoorsy junkies. They are higher off the ground than the city riders, and have knobby durable tires and sturdy suspension.
  • Street Legal/ Road Mini Bikes – The street legal status means you are allowed to ride them on roads. The handlebars must be low, streamlined footrests and covered chassis are some of the things to look for. The tires are also smoother than the dirt bikes, which are better on pavement.

Now that we got the technical part out of the way and you’re ready to shop, let’s get down to the fun part and show you some of the best mini bikes you can purchase right now.

20. Monster Moto MM-B80-LB

Monster Moto MM-B80-LB

A gas powered mini bike that is assembled in the US, it comes in several colors. The 80cc four stroke heavy duty overhead valve engine has 2.5hp and is an off-road vehicle that can double as a street motor scooter.

It comes with a powder coated gusset that is reinforced by a welded tube, which offers extra durability.

19. Say Yeah Mini Dirt Pit Bike

Say Yeah Mini Dirt Pit Bike

This classic chopper look-alike is available in different colors, so you can get a classic design with a modern touch. The young riders can experiment riding on their own on hills or city streets as far as 25 miles.

Recommended for kids of 13 years of age and up, this will get them as close to the real bike riding experience as it gets.

18. Go-Bowen Pocket Bike

Go-Bowen Pocket Bike

If you want a mini bike that will last you for years, this is the right one to consider. It boasts a 40cc four stroke engine that can carry weight up to 150 lbs, so great for kids 13 and up.

It is a gas powered mini bike that will provide hours of off-road fun. With bright colors and a cool design, this bike goes up to 18mph, and is one of the safest models out.

17. Coleman Powersports CT100U Mini Trail Bike

Coleman Powersports CT100U Mini Trail Bike

The four stroke OHV one cylinder engine has 98cc and 3.0hp, and being fuel efficient as well makes it one of the best models for venturing out on the trails.

Other attractive specs are the easy pull start operation and the low pressure tires which provide you with a smooth ride. A powerful and tough bike that is safe and has a low impact on the environment.

16. Mega Moto 212cc Mini Bike

Mega Moto 212cc Mini Bike

For those of you who have to face harsh winters, that shouldn’t stop you from riding. This is the best model we found that will accommodate you on snow covered roads and rough terrains alike.

Boasting a powerful 212cc motor, it offers lots of torque for a mini bike. The all black-matte finish and other design features give the bike a cool modern look.

15. Massimo MB200 Mini Bike

Massimo MB200 Mini Bike

Full of safety features, the powerful motor of this mini bike is a 200cc four-stroke air cooled engine. Equipped with an array of comfortable details such as a dual front suspension and wide tires make it a joy to ride.

The improved traction paired with classic looks, along with the large capacity fuel tank make this a very attractive option.

14. Burromax TT250 Electric Mini Bike

Burromax TT250 Electric Mini Bike

This model is taller than the average, also one of the lighter models on the market. This dirt bike is well equipped to handle tumbles well with the stacked suspension and the durable welded-steel frame.

It can handle 14 miles of riding before you need to recharge the battery. And with two speed options, the regular or sport version, you can switch up your experience.

13. Coleman CT200U

Coleman CT200U

This modern day take on a classic 1960’s American scooter design is an off-road 196cc single engine that will bring you fun on rough terrains. Brought to you from Tempe, Arizona, it comes available in black or red and with top speeds of 19mph and 6.5hp.

The rigid frame can accommodate up to 200lbs riders.

12. Benelli TNT135

Benelli TNT135

This Chinese made mini bike that sports an Italian design is the most underrated model on the market at the moment. The dual pipe exhaust, body integrated tail lights and signals as well as the street fighter headlight are some of the cool details the bike comes with.

The air-cooled 134.7cc single cylinder engine and the 11.3hp allow this machine to reach speeds of 73mph.

View price at Benelli

11. Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

This affordable and powerful model from Razor comes equipped with a dual suspension and riser handlebars that deliver a comfortable ride. The aesthetics are very attractive and appeal to teens and adults alike with colors that are easy on the eyes.

It comes with dual disk brakes, a twist -grip throttle, and the build is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable.

10. Monster Moto 250 Electric Mini Bike

Monster Moto 250 Electric Mini Bike

A great starter bike for kids and teenagers, it is not suited for adults unfortunately. Very affordable and easy to assemble, it comes with many safety features such as speed control and a rear hand operated cable that gives the brakes superior reliability.

Its sturdiness makes it perfect for those off-terrain adventures.

9. Razor Dirt Rocket MX350

Razor Dirt Rocket MX350

As the name suggests, this is a mini bike that is best suited to the off-road experience. Equipped with knobby tires, hand-operated rear brake and twist-grip throttle, you or your teen adventurer can have hours of fun on rough terrains and trails.

Electric powered, it is easy to operate yet it yields powerful motion.

8. Indian EFTR JR. Bike

Indian EFTR JR. Bike

Designed in collaboration with Razor, this electric two-wheeler is appropriate for adults up to 175 lbs, although initially it was intended for youths.

Featuring a steel frame with a faux carbon FTR750 replica tank along many other cool features, it boasts a 36V rechargeable battery that can take you on a 140 minute ride at speeds of 15 mph.

7. CSC City Slicker

CSC City Slicker

One of the reasonably priced street legal options on the market, this Californian company designed this bike with the likes of the Honda Grom as inspiration.

Equipped with a brushless reverse drive electric motor and 4.3hp, it can surprisingly reach speeds of up to 47mph, which makes it a very good street legal bike.

6. XtremepowerUS Gas Pocket Bike

XtremepowerUS Gas Pocket Bike

Designed with a futuristic design and a hefty body, this fuel efficient and environmentally friendly bike is suitable for young adults that want a taste for the road. This 40cc four stroke gas motor is safe with its steel frame and hand operated brake.

The maintenance cost is pretty low, which is a bonus, and it comes in several colors.

5. Razor MX500 High Torque Dirt Rocket

Razor MX500 High Torque Dirt Rocket

This is a mini bike that is best suited for the kids at heart. The knobby tires offer the best of both worlds: you can have fun off-road, but can use it to stroll around town for short trips.

With a shatter-resistant frame and comfortable grips you will feel confident on the road. The 500w variable motor and twist-grip acceleration is quite powerful for your thrills.

4. Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Designed with a sharp bodywork, it features pedals up front and at the back, as well as many other cool features. Some worth mentioning are the LCD display that is complete with a gear position indicator and an inverted fork and off-set mono shock.

Equipped with an air-cooled fuel injected 125cc single cylinder, it comes with 14.5hp and can reach top speeds of 77mph.

3. Honda Grom

Honda Grom

A newbie on the small motorcycle scene, the Honda Grom is already considered a cult classic. The new upgrades are cool, such as the newly designed body work, as well as the 12” wheels and the ABS hydraulic disk brakes at the front and in the back.

The air-cooled 124.9cc single cylinder engine and 9.7hp gives you enough power to reach speeds of 62mph.

2. Honda Monkey

Honda Monkey

Equipped with the same specs as the Honda Grom, what differentiates the two models is the design and some of the tech features. It is also a street legal model, just like the Grom, which allows you to stroll the city in style.

With a larger frame than the 1960’s original that was meant as a ride for amusement parks in Japan, it is now safe enough to take even on the freeway.

1. Ohvale GP-2

Ohvale GP-2

If you love high speed thrills, this is definitely the best mini bike on the market for speed addicts and closed circuits. With an air-cooled 187.2cc single cylinder engine and 20hp, it can even go higher than 80mph, so you can really take it on those race tracks and go crazy.

You can upgrade the optional Alfano race display and the Mupo fork for a little extra. The steel-tube frame and the aluminum swing arm, as well as the Arrow exhaust system are cool specs that the bike features.

As you can see, there are models on the market for every taste and budget and age appropriate as well, so you can initiate your little ones to the world of biking.


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