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Berluti’s Cocoon Keeps The Devialet Phantom Speaker Safe At All Times

berluti Cocoon

Parisian menswear label Berluti has recently unveiled the Cocoon, an elegant and high-tech carrying bag that’s reminiscent of a sexy derriere. Specially designed for the Devialet Phantom speaker, this cool project aimed to integrate fine craftsmanship, technology, modern vibes and sophistication, in an awesome package meant to shock and awe every single one of us.

Berluti’s Cocoon comes in the brand’s signature Berluti Venezia leather, and features a unique design that offers both resistance and lightness, which makes it probably best carry-on for people who already purchased a Devialet Phantom and want to protect their investment.

berluti Cocoon

If you don’t know this yet, the Devialet Phantom is probably the best wireless speaker in the world, delivering powerful sounds, clarity, and attention to details like never before. It’s more than just a simple speaker – it’s a functional work of art, which is why the Cocoon is perfect piece to complement this amazing speaker, benefiting from the inventiveness and work of audio engineers and fashion designers as well.

Berluti’s exclusive Cocoon case fits the Phantom perfectly, matching it in elegance, but the question is: who is brave enough to parade this stylish piece around town? We don’t know exactly how much it will cost, but the Cocoon is apparently already available, upon request.

berluti Cocoon


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