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Devialet’s Gold Phantom System Delivers 4,500 Watts Of Pure Style

Gold Phantom

Devialet has unleashed upon audiophiles, and lovers off all that is stylish and cool, the most extreme audio product we’ve ever seen. Called Gold Phantom, this thing brings 4,500 Watts of A/D power to the table, not to mention some new patented inventions.

Gold Phantom is a totally wireless sound system, which shows off the best features Devialet has to offer, and it’s still priced just under $3,000. It’s true, it’s a little more than the Devialet Phantom, which comes with 750 Watts and it’s priced at $1,990, or the Silver Phantom, which delivers 3,000 Watts for $2,390, but we’re sure Gold Phantom is all worth every single penny.

This new device was built to break all boundaries and known rules and it’s so beautiful that you could actually use it as a decoration piece for your home. No one will ever know they’re dealing with a high-end sound system right there.

Gold Phantom

The Gold Phantom will surely impress you with some unbelievable features, like zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise through Devialet’s unique sound processing technology. And that stylish and unique portable design is totally amazing as well, from an aesthetic point of view and also from an audiophile’s perspective.

All things aside, we think it’s safe to say that this thing might actually become a collectible item; if not, all that cash is money well spent, considering the level of quality at which users will be able to enjoy their favorite tunes from now on with Devialet’s Gold Phantom.

Gold Phantom


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