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Chanel’s Luxurious Beach Tote and Towel set Will Make Your Day

Beach Tote and Towel set

In some ways, the world’s richest people are just like any of us; they breathe the same air, drink the same water, yet life holds no secrets for them. We’re sure any experience would feel way more appealing when the sky’s the limit and you don’t have to learn how to balance your taxes. The same goes with style, aromas, scents – and Chanel knows this better than any other brand.

Do you have a chic terrycloth beach towel set from Chanel? Well, no one else has one yet, as it’s just been revealed. Chanel can afford to manufacture exclusive pieces that would put a financial strain on a smaller brand. The aforementioned set, made of a beach tote and towel, is part of the brand’s Metiers d’Art 2016 Paris in Rome collection and will cost exactly $1,650.

Beach Tote and Towel set

Made of cotton terrycloth, patterned to look like the classic Chanel tweed, this exquisite set shows off a practical color variation, and it will be apparently perfect for everyday use. But considering that price-tag, we doubt this set will be tossed around as any other similar beach set would be.

We all have different standards, but no one shall ignore the intended purpose of this Chanel beach set, meant to be a stylish takeaway for a day at the beach, as well as a powerful statement for those people who are aware of what they’re seeing.


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