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5 Best Men’s Shoes to Wear With Jeans

By Adrian Prisca


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Jeans are probably the most versatile pants. From the bar to the office to a party, jeans can be mixed and matched to work in almost any situation.

Here are five ways to pair your favorite pair of jeans with some classic shoes.

Boots With Jeans

boots and jeans

Boots are an excellent choice for footwear to wear with jeans.

Find the perfect style of boots and jeans that matches your personal style. If you’re going for a more casual appearance, try matching chunky hiking boots with a looser-fit leg. A more casual, smart-looking appearance could be made by pairing Chelsea boots with a straighter, tighter-legged jean.

When picking boots and jeans, keep in mind the color and texture. Black and leather will bring a more sophisticated air, whereas suede and brown will have a more rugged or relaxed appearance.

Three ways you can wear your jeans with boots include:

  • Tucked into your boots
  • Cuffed above the top (great for the office or a date)
  • Stacked, or scrunching them up in the back but still covering the front

Loafers With Jeans

loafers and jeans

Not only are loafers incredibly comfortable, but they also give a laid-back look to an outfit that would otherwise be more dressy.

This luxurious yet laid-back appearance is perfect for semi-formal or smart-casual situations, such as going to work in a semi-formal workplace. Try mixing and matching distressed or solid-colored jeans with leather penny loafers. For a more dapper appearance, try a solid, straight-leg pair of jeans with penny loafers. To give a more fashion-forward vibe, mix tassel or patterned loafers with distressed jeans.

Boat Shoes With Jeans

boat shoes and jeans

Boat shoes will bring a casual feel to your outfit while still looking like high fashion.

Boat shoes are a more preppy style that brings a sense of comfort to your outfit. These are traditionally leather with a non-slip sole. Pair them with a boot-cut or straight-leg pair of jeans. This combination is especially effective during day-time events.

Sneakers With Jeans

sneakers and jeans

“Athleisure” is definitely coming back in style, and so are classic sneakers. If you’re looking for a casual yet comfortable look, try some classic sneakers with your jeans.

Don’t wear some scuffed up basketball or running shoes. We’re talking about original Chuck Taylor All-Star Converse, authentic Vans, or tennis shoes from brands like Hugo Boss or GANT when deciding on which shoes to wear with jeans. The sneakers-with-jeans look is a classic look that doesn’t go out of style.

Oxford Shoes With Jeans

oxford shoes and jeans

Oxford shoes, or a more formal pair of dress shoes, are the perfect pairing for jeans. You can instantly dress up any pair of jeans with this classic shoe style, instantly elevating a casual outfit to a chic, stylish ensemble.

When matching Oxfords with jeans, stick to more traditional styles, like brogue-style, in traditional colors like brown, burgundy, gray, and black.

From Oxford shoes to loafers to boots, jeans are a great staple piece of clothing to keep in your closet. Try one of these pairings to customize your look or to mix it up.

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