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ZIIIRO Celeste Watch probably shows the Cosmic Time

By Adrian Prisca


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Far from the conventional timekeeping mechanisms and gadgets, the guys from ZIIIRO are proposing their ideas about ways to read time and stand out of the crowd at the same time. Their – almost extraterrestrial – laboratory is the place of origin of the outer-space Celeste timepiece.

The design of the watch is signed Robert Dabi and comprises two older company-special principles. The result is a superb hour and minute demarcation, totally different from the watches that use hands, for a more special look and techie aspect. The mechanism is composed of two overlapping transparent disks that create a fluid gradient of colors as time passes by, with different combinations of colors.

Actually, from the 4 pre-existent color combinations, two are already sold-out. This is due to the extremely low number of pieces that have been produced. Plus, it’s to be considered that a timepiece as this one makes a superb holiday gift for every tech enthusiast.


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