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La Pumada is a priceless estate in Montecito, California

Located somewhere deep in Montecito’s Golden Quadrangle, La Pumada is one of the best places in the world to live, to have kids and to proudly fade away. Designed in 1929 by Reginald Johnson, whose hand we can also see in the Clark Estate and Montecito’s Biltmore Hotel, the private property spreads over five acres of superb surroundings, including the ocean, island and mountains.

The property comprises an extravagant main mansion, two coquette guest homes, a separate office, swimming pool, a pavilion destined for all sorts of gatherings and parties, tennis-court, Lockwood de Forest-designed gardens and garages for more than eight cars.

The Italian-style villa stands right at the end of the meandering driveway that joints the main gate and the residence and winds throughout the lush gardens with magnolias, beautiful mature trees, rose-gardens and the huge court.

The inside of the main estate is based on old-school decorations and classic style, with an overwhelming feeling of Europeanism. The original tile pavers and gleaming oak floors have been kept. The beam-divided ceilings are masterfully hand-painted and the huge windows greet every ray of sunlight that gets inside.

The open spaces and atmosphere lets out a sense of freedom, but with gorgeous decorations along. The entry foyer fades into the main gallery, with beautifully connects the rooms in a superb harmony. Offering breathtaking views over the Channel Islands and Montecito’s Coastline there are the sunroom, the grand living and dining rooms and the southern-exposed library.

The southern side of the property is the one that enchants the eyes best. Watching the courtyard from the estate one is delighted by the superb lawn that unfolds towards the huge, oval pond, with a jet right in the middle – reminiscence from the ‘20s style. Outside the property, towards west and east, one can observe a gorgeous panorama over the islands and ocean.

You can have be the owner of this symbol of magnificence and exquisiteness for a modest sum of $29,500,000. Modest if you’re a billionaire, that is.



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