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The Emulator is a transparent touchscreen mixing desk

By Adrian Prisca


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It’s a serious business to play music and mix songs in discos while hundreds of people expect the best from you. The DJs are always being positioned behind a load of devices, in a dark corner and seem to come from outer space. Smithson Martin has proposed another approach to this matter, by launching The Emulator.

It’s an extremely facile mixing system that comprises a 46-inch multi-touch system, making all the work of the DJ easier, but increasing music and sound quality. The system is considered “world’s first and only multi-touch midi controller PC software for professional DJ and music”.

The interface is user-friendly, combining colored displays with the experience of touch-screens and information about every track that’s being played. Eliminating the need of bringing your whole collection of vinyls to provide the best music, the Emulator features 130 controls that represent all a DJ needs.

The panel is made of toughened glass, in case it gets smacked or thrown things at accidentally or on purpose. The display is also transparent, allowing the crazed crowed to watch you doing your work, highlighting the connection between you, the DJ, and your sound target, the public.

The contents of the package are as follows: the multi-touch screen, available in 3 sizes, 32”, 42”, 46”, the Emulator software, stand and projector mount, a short-range projector of 2200 lumens and of course technical support. The software, usable on tablets or other multi-touch devices costs alone $249, while the pricing of the full package varies depending on the chosen display, from $6,665 to $8,680.

Furthermore, the screen can be custom-sized, if the preset sizes don’t match your DJ needs.


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