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Golden Version of Lamborghini Aventador Model Car

By Adrian Prisca


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Already known as one the world’s most expensive model car, this Lamborghini Aventador LP700 model car is now going to break the actual cost record, being treated with gold. The exact miniature replicas of the real cars can be way more expensive than the original car, being collectables.

Having been in this business since 1990, Robert Guelpen has become very experienced in model car crafting, having brought this industry to remarkable values and near perfection. The German model car maker’s creations are unique, one of his clients even requesting this specific gold-decorated model.

The long list of specifications set by the client is long and kind of interesting, materials being specifically chosen for different parts of the car. This includes diamond embellishments, platinum and carbon fiber-made parts, besides golden-plating. The road of this golden model car will almost surely end in the Guinness Book of Records, all these opulent demands setting the total cost of the model at around $4.65 million, or even higher.

The chassis of the car will be made of solid gold, the rims will be made of platinum, the two seats from the car will be encrusted with 700 diamonds and various bits of carbon fiber will be used throughout the car. All these will probably surpass the old cost estimations.

The scale at which the model is built is 1:8; the model is rumored to be auctioned in December, somewhere in New York, starting from £3 million, but the price will surely get boosted; anyhow, the price is 12 times higher than the actual cost of the real car. Anyways, this would be an excellent, one of a kind collectable for the auto-enthusiasts, while for themselves the value will be way higher than the acquisition-price.


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