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Rent a Burj Khalifa Apartment for Just $1,900 per Week

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The economical crisis is still felt throughout the world, dragging along the estate market. Dubai has undergone a superb modernization project, following the Arab Spring, and the tallest building ever built by man, the 828m tall Burj Khalifa, has now suites and rooms for rent. The owners are renting their apartments for prices of just $1,900 / week.

The owner of a unit posted an announcement in a local community portal saying that he rents one-bedroom-and-studio fully-serviced apartments in Burj Khalifa (1,150 sq feet) for short-term abidance. Each of them has a semi-closed kitchen plan, bedrooms with on-suite bath and powder room and a spacious living area. The apartments also come with breathtaking views over the fountain below and the superb sea.

The prices may differ depending on the periods they are rented within, proofed by another advert. The respective owner rents a 2,053-sq-ft apartment comprising full-furnishings and two bedrooms, whose costs range from $3,250 per week during November 21st-30th, $3,800 per week during December 1st-14th and $4,900 per week during December 15th – January 7th 2012.

For such luxury and views, they seem fit, also considering that you spend that week within one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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