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Philippe Starck’s lovely Tower Kitchen for Warendorf

By Adrian Prisca


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If your kitchen needs some more space to accompany more guests, or if you simply need some more air and feeling of freedom while cooking and doing dishes, Philippe Starck proposes a brand new set of kitchen storage-facilities. He has designed the Tower Kitchen for the German Warendorf manufacturer, a set of two standing units that each cover only one square meter.

A long list of kitchen tolls can be put inside these racks, from cookware to dishes and different appliances. They are accessible through doors on three sides, the units themselves being rotatable. The last but not the least, the fourth side, is left open at owner’s choice, the respective being able to place anything he/she desires inside it, like microwaves, toasters or wash-machines.

The two units are of different types, one being a cold-tower, purposed for a fridge-freezer, while the other is a hot-tower, for ovens, be they steam, casual or microwave ones. Furthermore, besides these, the package includes the Trumpet Table, a working module that provides preparation space, hob, sink and dining spot. It also provides storage space, beneath the work surface.

All these are extremely practical, creating more space inside your kitchen. For example, the kitchen island can be transformed into a dining table after cooking on it. Furthermore, the set comes in 300 ways of customization and design, from wood to textured laminations and glass surfaces.

The perfect amenities for your kitchen, these will surely offer an air of efficiency and, why not, show your practical personality.

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