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Object of Time One-77 by Buben & Zorweg and Aston Martin

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’re looking for something to store your valuables in and have no fear of losing them in any way, and if you need to have a beautifully designed storage facility that also blends in your room and draws minds away from what it actually is, the Buben & Zorweg Aston Martin Object of Time One-77 is the perfect item for you, given the fact that its design is based on one of the most beautiful and sought-after sports luxury cars there is.

The facility comprises a long list of protection and storage measures, among which we shall mention the humidors, special drawers for watch- and jewelry-storage, four world clocks, time-mover watch winders, a high-security vault, a flying minute tourbillion timepiece and a sound system in which you can plug your iPod. This safe is perfect for keeping your beloved and precious items, with no worries for safety, but with a superb, elegant design and useful amenities.

After its presentation during Basel World 2011, the product has already received 20 orders and it will soon go into production in the first months of 2012. The connection to Aston Martin goes farther than the name and design, the safe being produced in 77 pieces, just like the car. The “77” number tradition goes on into the safe’s height, which is, predictably, 1.77m tall.


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