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This Stunning London Residence is Full of Surprises

Stunning London Residence

Somewhere in the South End of London there’s a mesmerizing home looking for a new owner at around $18.29 million. But this is no ordinary home, as it comes with multiple subterranean levels comprising unique rooms and luxurious amenities that most of us can only dream about.

The above ground levels were beautifully designed as modern living quarters, while the lower levels house several recreational spaces, fitted with a swimming pool, a sauna, gym, and even a private cinema. Is that enough to get you interested? Trust us, it gets even better.

The pool’s depth can be modulated with the press of a button and can even transform into a 40-person dance floor, perfect to host a little party with your friends.

Stunning London Residence

The 6,808 square-foot residence also includes five bedrooms and six bathrooms spread across several floors, so it’s more than enough for a big family. The ground level opens up to a 75-foot garden of artificial turf and manicured hedges, surrounded by overhanging trees, while the contemporary kitchen can handle probably anything you will throw at it.

Apart from your very own gym, private sauna and swimming pool, there’s also a Jacuzzi, a spacious garage and a 1,500-capacity wine cellar. Is that enough for $18.29 million? You decide!

Are you now feeling inspired to upgrade your London property? Investing some time and money in adding an extension or home renovation can make a property pop and creates a luxury feel.

Stunning London Residence


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