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The Porto Pirgos hotel sizzles on the Calabrian coast

By Adrian Prisca


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The Porto Pirgos hotel is one of the most enchanting places to stay at the lovely Italian coast of Calabria, in a corner of paradise near Tropea. The hotel has been converted from and old patrician residence and features a decor which is a perfect blend between old and new and 18 rooms well furnished with antiques alongside terracotta works by local craftsmen.

All rooms of the hotel have magnificently styled marble bathrooms and a private terrace from which guests could enjoy stunning views of the surroundings. The magic of the hotel is further enhanced by the large swimming pool in the park and a mosaic floored restaurant which looks out to the sea.

Guests of the Porto Pirgos hotel could also relax on the hotel’s private beach, play tennis or bowling and enjoy an incredible meal at the hotel’s restaurant which could prepare probably any food you desire.


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  1. This is fantastic hotel close to Tropea. The photos are good but you must see the surrounding area of Tropea and Zambrone to really appreciate the beauty of this area.

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