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Swarovski Wedding Cake With 500 Embedded Crystals

Swarovski Wedding Cake

Designed by pastry chef Laura Aguglia for the fifth edition of Bride Villa, a popular bride exhibition in Italy, this is probably the ultimate wedding cake featuring 500 embedded Swarovski crystals which probably make it the most expensive and most luxurious wedding cake in the world.

Apart from the 500 crystals, the Swarovski wedding cake has four layers of confection, lovely blue and green cloth ribbons and two wonderful birds placed on top. 12 litres of milk, 8 pounds of sugar and flour, 5 litres of cream, 12 pounds of chocolate and 200 eggs were used to create this masterpice.

The gorgeous wedding cake took over 36 hours of work but it was all worth it when you gawk at the final result. Of course, we guess that the Swarovski crystals aren’t edible but the rest of the cake seems more than tasty. The price for this luxurious wedding cake? 6,000 EUR or about $8,200.


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