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25 of The Best Sushi Restaurants in the World

By Anca Nicolescu


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Best Sushi Restaurants in the world
Shuko NYC

You know that saying: “When in Rome”? When you’re in the mood for sushi, where do you think is the best place to get it? Japan, of course, the place where sushi originated.  But if your budget doesn’t allow for a trip to Japan, you’ll have to make do with your neighborhood sushi restaurant.

Sushi has become super popular throughout the world in the last couple of decades, and you’ll find some pretty amazing sushi restaurants outside of Japan. From New York to London, Cape Town to Sydney, we gathered a list of some of the best sushi restaurants to try, no matter which corner of the globe you happen to find yourself in.

What Makes Sushi So Great?

What Makes Sushi So Great
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The most important factor is freshness, of course, but there are a few more factors that differentiate good sushi from great one.

Flavor is another important consideration. Here it pays to venture out of your comfort zone and try some of the stronger flavors sushi has to offer. Sushi varies greatly and there are many options that cater to any food palate.

Consistency and texture are also important, as well as how aesthetically pleasing it looks when it is presented to you.

You might love the sushi at a particular restaurant, but the venue or the service might be lacking. Or the location might be too out of the way.

In order to find the best sushi restaurant in your area might require a lot of trial and error. But if you happen to be in any of the cities on this list, give these restaurants a try.

We picked 25 of best sushi restaurants in the world for you. Let’s see which ones made the cut.

First, we’ll head over to Japan, then we’ll move to some of the best sushi restaurants from all over the world. As the place where sushi originated, you have a wide range of restaurants that are excellent throughout the country. These are the best five we found for you.

Kaiseri Komuro – Tokyo, Japan

Kaiseri Komuro
Kaiseri Komuro

A 2-star Michelin restaurant, Kaiseri Komuro is one of the best sushi restaurants in the world. Owner and renowned Chef Mitsuhiro Komuro is famous for preparing seasonal dishes that guarantee the freshest ingredients.

He is well-known to the local fishermen, who reserve some of their best fish specifically for Komuro. The meal is served in the traditional tea ceremony style, which you don’t see at all the sushi restaurants.

Kyubey – Tokyo, Japan

Kyubey Tokyo
Kyubey Tokyo

With a phenomenal reputation, Kyubey is one of the best sushi restaurants you will find in Tokyo. With a vast menu, we suggest you try something you will not find back home.

The restaurant offers you amazing food, and a complete experience from start to finish. An empire in its own right, the main shop is located in a five story honten, plus it has branches in four luxury hotels throughout the country.

Sushi Ryujiro – Tokyo, Japan

Sushi Ryujiro
Sushi Ryujiro

If there is one word to describe Sushi Ryujiro, it is opulence. Surprisingly, it isn’t one of the most expensive restaurants in their category, and for the quality of sushi they offer, it is a bargain.

A relaxing, chill vibe, and excellent sushi is what you should expect from this special restaurant. If you happen to be visiting Tokyo, keep this one in mind.

Sushi Yoshi – Osaka, Japan 

Sushi Yoshi

With a gastro vibe, Sushiyoshi differentiates itself from many of the traditional sushi restaurants you will find in Japan. With their own spin on authentic Japanese cuisine, the food here is a little different.

The two Michelin star restaurant uses innovative thinking on edomae-style sushi, and the results are exquisite. It is a must-try for those of you who are looking for a unique culinary experience.

Taihei Sushi – Kanazawa, Japan

Taihei Sushi
Taihei Sushi

Located in the ancient capital of Japan, Taihei Sushi started off as a small bar, but it is now one of the best sushi restaurants in the country. Not only is their food insane, but the whole dining experience is one for the books.

Whatever type of sushi you’re in the mood for, the chef will prepare for you with the best and freshest ingredients available.

And now, we will take you for a virtual tour across the globe.

Sushi Misaki – Bangkok, Thailand

Sushi Misaki Bangkok
Sushi Misaki Bangkok

This Tokyo-style blend of Japanese and Thai flavored dishes is the creation of chef Misaki. You will only experience this unique profile at his Sukhumvit location in Bangkok.

It is a very authentic restaurant that offers the freshest and best quality omakase you will find anywhere in the world.

Sasaya – Berlin, Germany 

Sasaya Berlin
Sasaya Berlin

Berlin is one of the European cities where you get a wide range of sushi restaurants to choose from. So, it’s really up to you if you prefer a fancy place, or one like Sasaya, where the sushi is just wonderful.

Not really a fancy place, but the quality of the sushi that is prepared right in front of you is excellent. Open for lunch and dinner, you will surely leave satisfied.

Kamo – Brussels, Belgium

Kamo Restaurant
Kamo Restaurant

Not too far from the EU campus, you will be glad you made the trip to Ixelles. Kamo’s sushi dinner or even their bento box is worth going out of your way for. The Michelin star restaurant has very restricted opening hours, so be mindful of that.

But if you can make it, the food is an absolute delight. The raw sea bream, the house’s specialty, is out of this world.

Fujiyama, Sea Point – Cape Town, South Africa

Fujiyama Restaurant
Fujiyama Restaurant

Although the restaurant doesn’t offer solely sushi and sashimi, their Japanese fare is amongst the best in the world. Since 2000, when the restaurant opened, their chef’s menu has been very popular with their customers.

The simple tasting yet exciting culinary adventure is complemented by a traditional atmosphere.

Yabase – Dusseldorf, Germany

Yabase Restaurant

If you want the best sushi in Germany, Dusseldorf is the city to visit. The largest Japanese community in the country results in a vast pool of excellent restaurants to choose from.

Yabase is reasonably priced, plus it offers some of the best eel in the area. Their other specialties include nigiri with about twenty different flavors to choose from, ranging from foie gras to yellowtail.

Sushi Saito – Hong Kong

Sushi Saito Hong Kong
Sushi Saito Hong Kong

Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, this branch of Sushi Saito is sibling to the Tokyo restaurant with the same name. The chefs on location give lessons on how to prepare your sushi at home, but make sure to reserve the sushi room.

It is worth your while, guaranteed. Even if you just want to dine at the restaurant, tables go fast, so remember to secure one in advance.

Maido – Lima, Peru

Maido Cocina Nikkei
Maido Cocina Nikkei

Specializing in Nikko, or a type of Japanese-Peruvin cuisine, Maido is easily the best sushi place in Lima, and probably the entire country. They use fresh ingredients that are in season, and their sweet and spicy ceviche flavors are to die for.

You will remember this culinary experience for a good while afterwards, it is that memorable.

Kiku – London, UK

KIKU Japanese Restaurant
KIKU Japanese Restaurant

Located in the middle of Mayfair, this old family owned restaurant is fairly affordable. You can get a thirteen course meal for a fairly reasonable price, and all their dishes follow these three basic elements: balance, creativity, and simplicity.

Whether you opt for the counter or the traditional menu at Kiku, you will delight in the delicious flavors of the 29 different types of nigiri the restaurant is known for.

Matsuhisa – Los Angeles, US

Matsuhisa Beverly Hills
Matsuhisa Beverly Hills

One of the oldest sushi restaurants in the world, Nobu Matsuhisa’s acclaimed Beverly Hills restaurant opened its doors in 1987, when sushi wasn’t so popular yet in North America. A notable, prominent sushi bar, it quickly became one of the best restaurants in the world.

The Peruvian influences brought over by the chef Matsuhisa’s South American experience give the restaurant its unique flair. The daily specials are a must try, as well as their a la carte infusions.

99 Sushi Bar – Madrid, Spain

99 Sushi Bar Padre Damián. 
99 Sushi Bar Padre Damián

99 Sushi Bar is a franchise known for sushi in Spain. They have four locations across the country in Barcelona, Bilbao, Marbella, but the Madrid locations are the best, especially the one at Padre Damián. 

Their innovative style is unique to the 99 sushi bar, and that includes dishes such as shrimp with wasabi mayonnaise, or sushi toro flambe with tomato puree.

Shuko – New York, US

Shuko NYC
Shuko NYC

Shuko is one of the newest additions to the New York sushi scene, but it made a name for itself fairly fast. Chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau learned their skills from the famous Masa Takayama, who taught them all the best ways to prepare sushi.

The classic omakase is a safe bet, but you can also opt for the kaiseki menu, which is scrumptious. Their courses are all prepared with the best ingredients, and the whole experience is one to remember.

Sabi Omakase – Oslo, Norway

Sabi Omakase Oslo
Sabi Omakase Oslo

Norway is known for their great quality fish they produce right in their waters. Omakase, run by Airis Zapa as head chef and manager is one of the best sushi restaurants in the whole of Scandinavia.

Trained by renowned chef Valdimir Pak and Roger Asakil Joya, he sustains the Edomae technique. That means that he uses whatever is in season, and only top quality ingredients.

Sushi B – Paris, France

Sushi B Paris
Sushi B Paris

Sushi B sits across from the National Library, and it is one of the most sophisticated sushi locales in Paris. With a zen decor, you will instantly feel a sense of calm as you enter the restaurant.

The minimalist atmosphere, impeccable decor, and excellent service all work well to bring you one of the best culinary experiences. As far as the sushi is concerned, prepare your palate to be delightfully pleased.

Akikos – San Francisco, US

Akiko’s Restaurant
Akikos Restaurant

This well-known restaurant in the San Francisco area serves a variety of dishes that are created from the freshest ingredients available. Alongside its scrumptious sushi, Akikos restaurant also offers an extensive collection of sake to accompany your meal.

If you want to be assured a spot though, remember to make a reservation beforehand, as the place fills up fairly quickly on any given night.

Naoki – Santiago, Chile

Naoki Chile

Located close to the Pacific Coast, Naoki offers customers sushi made from fresh seafood that comes straight from their waters. Some of their most popular nigiri dishes are the Patagonian Oyster with ikura and lemon, or the salmon belly with truffle oil and yuzu.

If you happen to be in the Southern Hemisphere, this may be the best sushi place you will find.

Hashida Sushi – Singapore

Hashida Singapore
Hashida Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its excellent sushi restaurants, hence it was hard to select just one. If it’s possible for you, try and book a table at Hashida Sushi.

They offer a lot of different options of sushi made from the freshest ingredients. Try their Yuzu, aged, fresh, roasted or smoked flavored seafood sushi, and your palate will thank you.

Sashimi Shinsengumi – Sydney, Australia

Sashimi Shinsengumi
Sashimi Shinsengumi

The name of the restaurant is a good indication of what the house specialty is. Their sashimi is among the freshest you’ll ever taste in the entire world.

Located on the Northern shore in the suburb of Crows Nest, the eatery offers great sushi as well. Their take-out counter is one of the most populated in the area, hands down!

Miku – Vancouver, Canada

Miku Restaurant
Miku Restaurant

One of the few restaurants in the world that prepare their sushi with the Aburi technique, Miku is one of the most famous sushi restaurants across the globe. Aburi is flame-searing, and it is a technique that dates back more than a century.

For sure, it is a great place to try if you’re in the mood for a different variation to the sushi you’re used to. Their fantastic desserts and a range of Japanese drinks will complete the meal.

Shiki – Vienna, Austria


If you happen to be in Austria, the best place for sushi is Joji Hattori’s Shiki restaurant, located right in the heart of Vienna. The famous conductor and violinist opened this Michelin star restaurant that is close to the Opera house.

This fine dining establishment merges authentic Japanese cuisine with a touch of European influence. The first class service, along with the classic and modern sushi they specialize in, is also above expectations.

Makoto – Zurich, Switzerland

Makoto Zurich

And last, but definitely not least, we end our world tour with this excellent establishment located in Zurich. Hidden away in the industrial part of town, Makoto is worth making a detour for.

Take the 20 minute train ride, and enjoy some of the best sushi these Swiss owners offer you. Just like most Swiss made products, their sushi is also prepared to perfection, from the freshest ingredients available.

Final Words

This sums up the list of 25 of the best sushi restaurants in the world. You have a multitude of excellent establishments to choose from, no matter which corner of the globe you happen to find yourself in.

If by some chance you’re lucky enough to eat at any of them, please do let us know. We’d like to hear what you think of them as well.

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