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The Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone Pens designed by Montegrappa

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Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone

Italian luxury brand Montegrappa is here to make our day once again, unveiling a new range of fine writing instruments, meant to honor Bugatti and their breathtaking supercar, the Veyron.

Called the “Bugatti Pur Sang Duetone”, the new line of writing instruments is inspired by the unique details and amazing surfaces of the exquisite Veyron, featuring several pens that just ooze timeless beauty.

Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone

The new Bugatti Montegrappa pens will be available in a stunning dual-color scheme, coming in five lovely combinations: Indigo Blue and Rhodium, Bugatti Blue and Rhodium, Matte Black and Ruthenium, Argus Pheasant Brown and Rose Gold and last but not least, Pearl and Rose Gold.

The stunning metal surfaces of these pens have been engraved with a “Dynamic Quilting” pattern, which reminds us of the chic upholstery found inside a Veyron cabin.

Furthermore, the Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone line comes with especially designed oval boxes, also inspired by the famous supercar maker. The Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone pens are offered as fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, with the Veyron unfortunately not included!

Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone

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