Armand de Brignac’s Most Expensive Champagne: Blanc de Noirs

Armand de Brignac

The Armand de Brignac champagne brand needs no introduction – that’s why whenever they unveil a new smooth drink, we get really excited. These days, they’ve officially introduced their most expensive Champagne ever, an exquisite bubbly called Blanc de Noirs.

We’re not sure right now how much it will cost, but we do know this new Champagne was made from purely Pinot Noir grapes and you should expect it to be priced at around £600-700 in the UK or between $935 and $1,090 in the States.

This new champagne by Armand de Brignac will be 50% more expensive than the brand’s priciest bottle of rosé, which costs £300 ($470). Blanc de Noirs will come packaged in a pewter bottle and will make your day even better because it contains more alcohol, compared to the brand’s Brut Gold Champagne.

Please note that less than 3,000 bottles of Blanc de Noirs will be available for purchase. So it’s an exclusive, limited edition champagne, from Armand de Brignac.

Armand de Brignac