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The Balance Beam-Inspired Bar Michele Is truly Unique

By Victor Baker


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Bar Michele

Beirut-based Designers David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem were inspired by the intense and beautiful sport of gymnastics when they came up with this exquisite, one-off bar. Called Bar Michele, this unique piece of furniture resembles the shape and characteristics of a gymnastic beam that’s beautifully mixed with equestrian equipment to get a perfect balance.

Featuring an eclectic mix of materials and styles, this one off piece uses leather, polished brass, Iranian white Onyx marble and painted metal work finished in black, all working together to create this eye catching place that could start a ton of conversations.

Bar Michele

Oddly, you can stand and sit at this exquisite bar but you can also straddle it while you enjoy your favorite drink. The leather clad ends of the beam allow you to seat comfortably, while the stirrups hanging below will rest your feet comfortably.

The eccentric overall look of this interesting piece of furniture is further enhanced by the varying heights at which the glass and white onyx tables were placed. Since this was a privately commissioned piece, you can’t see this stunnig bar in person, but I’m sure Raffoul/Moussallem could design something equally gorgeous for you, if not even better.

Bar Michele


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