The New Tesla Model S P90D Is Ludicrously Fast

Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla Motors has been trying to improve perfection lately, upgrading the uber fast Model S P85D to make it even faster. I guess someone in the company decided, against all odds, that the P85D was a bit slow for the streets, that’s why Elon Musk has recently announced the new ‘Ludicrous’ Speed Upgrade for the Model S, which will be called P90D.

With 10% more power than the P85D, the new flagship Model S will do 0 to 60 mph in a staggering 2.8 seconds and it could do the quarter mile in just 10.9 seconds. That’s Bugatti Veyron territory, entered by a four door electric saloon, which will achieve 1.1g during acceleration. If that’s not ludicrous then.. I really don’t know what is.

Tesla Model S P90D
The Tesla Model S P90D ‘Ludicrous’ will reach 155 mph 20% faster than before, mainly due to the power upgrade. The total output now stands at 762 hp, 503 hp coming out of the rear-mounted motor while the rest 259 hp will come from the front one. Better yet, existing P85D owners may add this insane speed upgrade to their cars for just $5,000, but only alongside the larger 90 kWh battery pack.

But that’s not all about the P90D. It will also feature an increased range by 5%, which means you could enjoy this hair rising Tesla Model S for up to 300 miles. The ‘Ludicrous’ mode will be a $10k option for new P90D owners, and even future owners of the upcoming Model X could get a ‘Ludicrous’ speed boost with the 90 kWh battery pack. Nothing but good news from Tesla!

Tesla Model S P90D