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The new Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime Watch: The World is a Dancefloor

the world is a dancefloor

Paul Pettavino, the son of Only Watch founder Luc Pettavino, came up with this brilliant idea: a cool wristwatch which features a chequered dance floor motif. Starting off that, the talented team from Louis Vuitton went on to design this incredible Escale Worldtime watch which was called “The World is a Dancefloor”.

This unique version of the brand’s lovely Escale Worldtime will go on auction at Only Watch 2015, featuring hand-painted, multicolored squares, beautifully decorating the psychedelic dial of this timepiece, which comes with hand painted components, including two discs that indicate the hours and minutes.

The World is a Dancefloor  will come in a stunning gold case, measuring 41 mm in diameters, with no buttons. That means all the functions of the watch will be controlled via the crown.

the world is a dancefloor

The movement of this particularly bright and shiny watch was created by La Fabrique du Temps, a Geneva-based movement specialist that’s now owned by Louis Vuitton. We’re talking about a self-winding mechanism with a mystery rotor, visible on the back.

The The Escale Worldtime “The World is a Dancefloor” will also feature special “Only Watch 2015” and “No. 1/1” engravings on the case back, to remind you that this timepiece is truly unique. It will come with one of Louis Vuitton’s signature trunks, finished with graphite Damier canvas and including a hand-painted dance floor motif on its lid. Lovely, isn’t it?

the world is a dancefloor


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