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Johnnie Walker launches limited edition Engraved Luxury Bottles

By Victor Baker


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engraved luxury bottles

Johnnie Walker teamed up with specialist hand engraver of glass Philip Lawson Johnston, to design a couple of gorgeous engraved luxury bottles, that will be available in a limited series as a one-time-only release. These gorgeous bottles will feature two stunning designs engraved on them, either the scene of the “Classic MacNab” challenge or a tribute to the art of whisky making called “Distillery Heritage”.

Each bottle in this limited series will be individually numbered and hand engraved by Philip Lawson Johnston himself, featuring a superb whisky blend inside which shows off the pure class, tradition and heritage of Johnnie Walker.

engraved luxury bottles

The iconic square bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskies has been designed back in 1870 by Alexander Walker but Mr. Lawson Johnston managed to make it ten times better with these intricate hand engraved designs. The limited edition bottles will be exclusively available through Diageo’s growing network of luxury Scotch whisky embassies, called Johnnie Walker Houses.

Diageo has opened Johnnie Walker houses in several major cities of the world, like Singapore, Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai, Mumbai, Seoul and Johannesburg.

engraved luxury bottles

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