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The 5 Most Popular Hobbies for the Rich and Famous

By Martha Young


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Picking up a new hobby is a always fun and will make you a lot happier, because you might discover more things you actually love. Today, in challenging times like these, a new hobby might prove to be a great way to spend your time, when we’re all forced to slow down. Of course, not all hobbies are the same. Some of them cost you nothing but your free time, while others can get very, very expensive.

In the world of the rich and famous, people enjoy collecting things, whether it’s rare items, supercars or handbags, while others love doing charity work, and most people enjoy extreme sports or things connected to fine arts. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the five most popular hobbies for the upper class. Let’s get this hobby started!

5. Owning Collections

luxury watch collection

First things first, collections. I think we’ve all collected a few items as the years went by. But when you take it to the extremes, owning a collection can be a very expensive hobby. Some people like to collect art pieces, timeless antiques, or classic cars. Others want to collect limited items, fancy bags, elegant shoes, and some of the world’s most sought after watches and wines.

This hobby is not just costly on the collecting part, but also when it comes to maintaining these valuable items in your possession. Some items require special rooms and conditions, you might need to replace your own watch battery, moisturize your bags with a premium leather conditioner, or spray your rare shoes with a waterproof protector.

4. Snow Sports

Winter Sports

Skiing and snowboarding have been always extremely popular, and if you don’t know this yet, they became an official sport about 300 years ago. Snow sports are most people’s favorite outdoor activities in winter. And if you live near the mountains, then you’re probably looking forward for every winter weekend.

Unfortunately, skiing and snowboarding can also be expensive. Lift tickets can cost you $150 a day, and custom skis and proper gear can be $1,000 or even more. Nevertheless, no matter how expensive it may be, a lot of people are hooked to this hobby. Some billionaires even bought their own chalets or hotels so they can enjoy riding downhill in peace.

Even Roman Abramovich planned to purchase a small part of the Courchevel Resort, which is one of the most renowned skiing resorts in France.

3. Water Sports


Sailing, cruising, surfing, jet skiing – or generally water sports, are also extremely popular hobbies among the rich. Learning new skills and obtaining self-assurance is all part of the unique experience. Being able to respond to any problem that may arise on the water and calmly fix it yields a great sense of achievement. Also, each voyage is different, and provides tons of exercises.

Of course, the prices for these hobbies vary a lot. If we’re talking about yachts, chartering (renting one) is probably the most affordable option, because owning a vessel comes with many different costs, apart from the ridiculous buying price itself. You could always get a smaller boat and you’ll still enjoy the little things, like docking your boat after a fun filled day on the waves. Plastic floating dock cubes would help you a lot, assuming that you’re looking for an excellent docking system.

2. Playing Golf

playing golf

Another past time leisure activity that’s now considered an official sport is golf. Some may find it boring while others think it’s one of the most relaxing sports. Donald Trump and Clint Eastwood enjoy playing golf, along with many other wealthy people. They’re all members of some of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world, that allow you to play on some of the best golf courses.

Why is golf such an expensive sport, you ask? Well, there are three reasons:

  • High Prices of Equipment

Playing golf has always been considered an expensive hobby because the costs with the equipment can be extremely high. And it’s believed that if a golfer has an excellent set of clubs, they’ll be even better at the game. Thus, if you want to be an exceptional golfer, you must be prepared to invest a lot of money. Renting golf equipment is also a good idea, yet it would feel different than using your own clubs.

  • High Rates of Golf Course Rent

Golf courses are also pretty expensive, especially if you want to become a member of a certain club. The prices depend on the quality of the golf course, exclusivity, maintenance and overall golfing conditions. But don’t worry, there are also some golf courses that offer low rental rates and will not require you to be a member.

  • Honing Your Golf Skills

Golf may seem easy at first glance, but in fact, a skillful golfer takes years and years to hone his skills. It’s not impossible to master the golfing technique in a shorter period, but you’ll need proper training. A lot of training. Thus, you have to spend a lot of money on trainers, renting golf courses, and of course buying – or renting – golf equipment. That’s why it seems so complicated for beginners.

1. Traveling

bora bora

Traveling is becoming more accessible to almost everyone in the world, yet there are still a lot of people who don’t really experience the joy in it. Actually, traveling from one country to another is not even the pricey part, but vacations can get very, very expensive. Many airline companies offer promotional tickets, but if you’d like to stay more than 5 days in Paris for instance, you should be prepared to pay a lot.

Expenses with accommodation, food, drinks, souvenirs, tickets to different attractions, and many other things can go off the charts, especially in popular destinations. These are just some ideas why traveling seems very expensive and it’s mostly enjoyed by wealthy people.

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