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The 10 Best Things In Our Tech & Leisure Section In 2016

By Victor Baker


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There are many interesting gadgets and innovative products out there, trying to get your full and undivided attention right now. If you have deep pockets, or loaded bank accounts, you’ll be able to purchase whatever your heart desires, that’s why this list is supposed to give you a couple of ideas on what you never knew you wanted.

These are the 10 best things we’ve featured in our Tech & Leisure section in 2016, and if they fail to inspire you, they’ll surely keep you busy and smiling until the next best thing comes out.

10. Elysium Carbon Fiber Pool Table

Elysium Carbon Fiber Pool Table

This wonderful carbon fiber pool table was specially designed by a Spanish company called IXO to be world’s coolest pool table. The Elysium carbon fiber pool table will be hand-built in a limited-run of just 50 units, with a stunning design including light-up sensors, a silent elevation system and a touchscreen for better game-play management.

Elysium will be available in the same colors as the standard Bugatti Veyron, which is incredible if you’re lucky enough to have one of those supercars in your garage.

9. PC-Y6 Odyssey

PC-Y6 Odyssey

If you love superyachts and high-performance gaming computers, you should really check out this Taiwanese computer case. Looking all cool and being waterproof as well, the PC-Y6 Odyssey Yacht is set to excite only 500 users/gamers thanks to a state-of-the-art motherboard, with enough RAM and hard drives to make any lonely night an enjoyable one.

If you plan on accessing the hardware, you’ll simply need to lift up the top decks of the yacht, enjoying this functional design even more in the process.

8. Poweregg Drone

Poweregg Drone

The Poweregg drone took everyone at the IFA 2016 by surprise. The world’s first gesture-based, one-handed, unmanned aircraft controller makes this thing super special, enabling Poweregg to take off and land with the simple push of a button.

The Poweregg done is sleek, compact and portable, and has a maximum flight time of around 23 minutes, but with an integrated 4k UHD camera on a 3-axis gimbal, automated flight modes and many other goodies, this thing should be enough to make your day.

7. Royal Digital Piano

Royal Digital Piano

Whaletone is a British company known for making gorgeous, digital grand pianos, looking like a contemporary, artistic sculpture. A new, top-of-the-line model, called ‘Royal Digital’, has been released earlier this year, that’s capable of replicating the incredible sounds of an acoustic grand piano, along with 500 other high-quality sounds.

Whaletone’s Royal Digital piano is controlled through a full-sized keyboard and comes equipped with an internal, three-channel noiseless amplifier – simply ideal for a concerto.

6. El Purista Chair

El Purista Chair

This extraordinary chair is the result of an interesting collaboration between Chilean architect Rodrigo Gonzalez and German lawyer Alexander Sauer. The ideal smoker’s armchair is El Purista’s gift to the world, a chair that’s as exquisite as the fine cigars that will be enjoyed in its company.

Constructed out of molded beech and walnut wood, this gorgeous chair looks like a personal retreat for cigar aficionados, with small drawers hidden within its arms, that feature enough room to hold a drink and several cigars and accessories. Enjoy!

5. Avettore Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Table

The Limited-Edition “Avettore” ping pong table will redefine the way you play ping pong at home and help you make a powerful statement in the process. Starting off at $26,000, this stunning jet-inspired ping pong table has been designed by the Los Angeles-based lifestyle company 11 Ravens and it’s bound to make ping pong cool once again.

Available in numerous color/material combinations, this beautiful thing features the company’s proprietary scratch-and-damage-resistant melanin resin surface, which looks stylish and ends up staying in a pristine condition for a very long time.

4. MB&F’s Astrograph Pen

MB&F's Astrograph Pen

The brilliant minds at MB&F always come up with outrageous and seductive concepts every single year, such as this wonderful pen called Astrograph. Complete with a rocket-shaped fuselage, a miniature astronaut, shock-absorbing “switchblade” landing gear and a case designed exactly like a launch pad, this thing is almost equipped to fly off into the sunset.

Believe it or not, this mini launch site took four years to complete and refine, as the complex writing instrument features 99 sandblasted satin-finished and rhodium-plated components.

3. ESAVOX Speaker Dock

ESAVOX Speaker Dock

ESAVOX is actually the brilliant result of a unique collaboration between Lamborghini and iXOOST. The breathtaking Bluetooth speaker system shows off Lamborghini’s iconic design language and cues, with a price-tag to match – over $26,280.

Each unit of this incredible portable docking station features an original Lamborghini exhaust system, working alongside a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a passive shock absorber system and ceramic supports to deliver nothing but the most incredible sounds ever. Rock on!

2. Mag-Lev’s Levitating Turntable

Mag-Lev's Levitating Turntable

Vinyl is making a huge comeback these days; it’s all about vintage looks and trends, and the brilliant designers at Mag-Lev worked day and night on changing the way we listen to our favorite vinyl records. The Mag-Lev Audio Levitating Turntable is a cool project, with the gravity-defying record player being the first of its kind.

Bragging about high-quality materials and crystal clear sounds, this innovative turntable includes built-in feet on which the platter rests, adding to the sleek and sophisticated look. Amazing, isn’t it?

1. Espresso Veloce Aurum 18ct

Espresso Veloce Aurum 18ct

If you love supercars and coffee, this unique package will probably make your day – possibly year. This extraordinary espresso machine, inspired by the motorsport world, was handcrafted from common automotive materials like titanium, carbon fiber, and aluminum, with a charming touch of 18ct yellow gold adding to the artistic value – as well as financial one.

The world’s most luxurious espresso machine, Espresso Veloce’s Aurum 18ct is a glorious tribute to the early 90s Grand Prix engines and comes in a stunning V12 configuration. Coffee, anyone?

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