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El Purista Chair is Every Cigar Aficionado’s Dream

By Victor Baker


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El Purista Chair

The extraordinary chair you see here is the result of an interesting collaboration between Chilean architect Rodrigo Gonzalez and German lawyer Alexander Sauer. Coming from different parts of the world and different backgrounds as well, the two have teamed up to create the ideal smoker’s armchair for El Purista, and here it is, in all its glory.

This armchair is just as exquisite as the fine cigars that will be enjoyed while laying down on it, constructed out of molded beech and walnut wood and offering a welcomed sense of style and comfort. It looks like a personal retreat for cigar aficionados where they could just relax, smoke and enjoy life, with everything they need close by.

El Purista Chair

The small drawers hidden within the arms of the El Purista chair have enough room to hold a drink and several cigars and accessories, which seems like the ideal combination for a relaxing afternoon, enjoying your favorite flavors in an tranquil environment, right in the middle of your home.

The gallery below offers a closer look at what might just be the best chair in the world, but unfortunately we don’t know the price of this beauty yet. I think this chair would be masterfully finished off by a subtle and complementary choice of cigars and smooth drinks, just to make sure the chair’s charm is fully appreciated, at least once.

El Purista Chair

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