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10 Mind Blowing Homes Listed For Sale In 2016

By Victor Baker


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My home! We love saying it, we love bragging about it and most of all, we love owning it. That feeling when you finally have your own place is totally unique, and… if you’re wealthy enough you can probably afford to buy or even build from scratch your own dream home.

This year was a good one for anyone out there looking for dream homes, and these 10 properties are just a taste of what the future might bring.

10. Dallas White House

White House

Keep dreaming of living in the White House – no, really, you should do that, as recent events have proven anything is possible. In the meantime, this stunning property at 10777 Strait Lane, in Dallas, Texas, is set to act as a wonderful replacement. The Dallas White House offers 16,000 square feet of luxurious living spaces, with the exterior of this exquisite manor looking quite similar to the Presidential home.

Built back in 1996, this property has been extensively renovated, and now includes many antiques and hand-crafted cabinetry, with multiple antique fireplaces and custom finishes – including Garbled marble flooring, walnut walls, and custom burled walnut ceilings. Dreamy, right?

9. Rancho Mirage

Rancho Mirage

Paradise is a real thing, and you need to pay a hefty sum of money to experience it while you’re still alive. Rancho Mirage should be the first thing on your mind, with this astounding piece of property showing off exceptional grounds, with endless views, and tranquil water features.

There’s a private motor court on site, with a seven-car garage, a private lake with canoes, a resort level pool with a grotto, several social areas complete with a bar and barbecue, a romantic gazebo and various other sports-oriented areas. You’ll have to pay $9,995,000 for this lavish home, but this is how you live life to the fullest!

8. SkySide


Proudly sitting at 9 Echo Peak Lane, Las Vegas, SkySide is an incredible 23,000 square feet mansion. Built right in proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, the $30 million property was completed earlier this year and offers serene views of the beautiful Red Rock Conservation Area mountains, and a super classy interior, with artistic flair and lavish decors.

With a contemporary design that could easily drop your jaw, featuring a steel & concrete exterior, this astonishing mansion spreads over six levels, boasting 5 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, wonderful entertainment rooms, as well as an indoor gymnasium, a yoga studio, and a charming home theater. That seems like enough, right?

7. Abu Dhabi Beach Estate

Abu Dhabi Beach Estate

Abu Dhabi’s most luxurious villa is located on the dreamy man-made Zaya Nurai Island. This charming beach Estate benefits from its own private beach and undisturbed ocean views, among many other breathtaking features.

Showing off 18,000 square feet of terraces, outdoor dining areas, and alfresco showers, with only the sound of the turquoise waters and the occasional dolphins disturbing the peace and quiet of this amazing home, this seems like the ideal place to be – forever and ever. Developed by entrepreneur Nadia Zaal and designed by the New York-based Studio Dror, the Zaya Nurai Island was meant to provide owners complete privacy.

6. Villa Kismet

Villa Kismet

Villa Kismet is located in one of the most exclusive areas of St. John, US Virgin Islands, offering 7 superb bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a massive living area of 1,085 square meters, or 11,680 square feet. The attention to detail involved with this project is absolutely incredible, with the gallery below easily making you daydream about living there for the rest of your life.

But probably the best thing about this stunning architectural masterpiece is that is offers breathtaking 360-degree views, framing miles of open ocean and natural wonders and completing the wonderful amenities inside.

5. Palm Beach Villa

Palm Beach Villa

One of the most amazing mansions listed for sale in the United States this year is located at 071 N Ocean Boulevard, in an exclusive area of Palm Beach. This spectacular Mediterranean-style home sits on a very exclusive oceanfront stretch and offers some of the most jaw-dropping ocean views you could ever imagine.

The massive palatial residence before you has 35,000 square foot of incredible decorations and amenities, including a bowling alley, a home theater, pub room, as well as an 8 car garage, but the impressive list of amenities could go on forever. There are also 8 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and of course, only the best materials and fixtures have been used throughout the home.

4. Casablanca


Well, we’re not actually talking about Casablanca, Morocco, right now, but about South Africa’s most luxurious home. With over 33,000 square feet of lavish living space on offer, this is as close to a palace you’re ever going to get in this amazing part of the world, without going back in time that is.

Built to the highest standards, this is the place where over 500 of your friends and family may enjoy an incredible lifestyle. Solid oak and Carrara marble floors, custom wrought-iron work with gold leaf detailing, uninterrupted sea views from every single room – these are merely some of the features most of us can only dream of.

3. Casa Bahia

Casa Bahia

This marvelous contemporary home, found in Coconut Grove, Miami, is called Casa Bahia – and it’s actually the second priciest home ever listed for sale in the Miami-Dade County. Imagined by filmmaker and first-time designer Alejandro Landes, the lavish 20,000 square feet mansion could be easily considered a work of art.

Featuring sleek finishes, an exposed exoskeleton wrapped in teak, and a stunning mix of glass, white stucco, and nothing but the most luxurious amenities, this extraordinary house is definitely one of the most amazing places to call ‘home’.

2. Taohuayuan


Speaking of palaces, we’re moving all the way to the Far Est now. Taohuayuan is a magnificent 32-bedroom, 32-bath garden home looking more inspiring and beautiful than anyone could have ever imagined. The palatial property is located on a private island, offering the most breathtaking views over a lake and the entire surrounding area.

Complemented by manicured gardens inspired by East Asia, this lavish home is a brilliant result of patience and unlimited imagination. Let’s not talk price-tags, for now.

1. Château Louis XIV

Château Louis XIV

Named after France’s extravagant Sun King, this outrageous piece of property is located on an impressive 56-acre park, right on the outskirts of Paris. The Château Louis XIV seems to ooze opulence from every single corner, featuring domed ceilings, old world décor with gold leaf moldings and marble inlays, tables sculpted from solid stone, hand painted frescoes, fine silks, elegant metalwork and many other luxurious details.

On the inside, the new owner of this palatial property will be free to wander through the 10 lavish bedroom suites, 2 ballrooms, a 3,000-bottle wine cellar, a meditation room, aquarium, indoor and outdoor pools, squash court, gym, a movie theater and even a private nightclub. Going home has just become more of a hobby, than a necessity.

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