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ESAVOX – a Jaw Dropping Lamborghini Inspired Speaker Dock

By Victor Baker


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ESAVOX is the brilliant result of a unique collaboration between Lamborghini and iXOOST, a company that’s pretty well known for their breathtaking Bluetooth speaker systems, which combine high-quality audio engineering with absolutely incredible designs.

We’ve already featured on Luxatic the iXOOST Speaker Dock, but their newest project is louder and more amazing than ever, showing off Lamborghini’s iconic design language and cues. It’s true that, with a price-tag exceeding $26,280, just a few of us will have the privilege of owning one of these beauties, but here’s hoping for the best – hopefully Santa will read this and fulfill all our wishes.


Each unit of this incredible portable docking station features an original Lamborghini exhaust system, working alongside a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a passive shock absorber system and ceramic supports to deliver nothing but the most incredible sounds ever.

Handmade in Italy, this sound system boasts 6.1 virtual surround sound, analog input, DSP 24-bit ADC/DAC output, and 800 watts of incredible audio power. We’re not really surprised by that output, because this amazing Italian collaboration could not produce anything less impressive. ESAVOX is a treat for our eyes, our years, and why not.. all our senses.


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