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The Luxurious Avettore Redefines Ping Pong

By Victor Baker


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Every single game has its own rules and characteristics, but let’s face it, rules are meant to be broken, right? You could even change the way you see the game completely, if you really want that. The Limited-Edition “Avettore” ping pong table will do exactly that, redefining the way you play ping pong at home, and making a powerful statement in the process.

Starting off at $26,000, this stunning jet-inspired ping pong table has been designed by the Los Angeles-based lifestyle company 11 Ravens, and it’s available in numerous color/material combinations. The designers would recommend supersonic white, with a gray top or a wooden finish, but also worth mentioning are the accent colors of striking orange or vibrant lime green.


But ten gorgeous black, leather-and-lucite, models are also up for the grabs, with potential customers free to make their own choice. The most important fact is that the playing surface features the company’s proprietary scratch-and-damage-resistant melanin resin surface, which looks stylish and ends up staying in a pristine condition for a very long time.

Since each and every single table is hand-crafted from sustainable harvested wood, there is more than one reason to appreciate the Avettore. The fluid lines of this gaming piece of art might cost you as much as $48,000, but critics will never mind about that. Would you?


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