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The Podtime Will Get You Well Rested Anywhere

By Victor Baker


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We all love traveling; who doesn’t? But when we get back home after a pretty long vacation, we’re not necessarily talking about traveling conditions and such, but more about the wonderful experiences and memories we end up with.

Regardless of how much you love to travel, the key to a memorable trip is to be well rested, and that moment when you yearn for a place to stretch your legs and a couple of hours of sleep is definitely not a pleasant thing to remember. That’s where the Podtime could come in handy.


The Podtime is an innovative sleeping pod that could make any journey more enjoyable and relaxing, being spacious enough for a good day’s sleep. The pod is basically a big polycarbonate tube with frosted doors, a comfy mattress, ambient lighting and good air circulation – just what you need for a quick nap, even though claustrophobia might be an issue.

Available in various colors and with various add-ons such as a secret luggage compartment, TV, leather mattress and digital radio, this pod retails between $2,100 and $3,000. We have to wonder: why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? and the more important question is this: how soon could we find these in airports and bus stops around the world?


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