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The Stunning Pelican Eyes Hotel Awaits for you in Nicaragua

By Victor Baker


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Pelican Eyes Hotel

Nestled on top of a hill, right above the crescent-shaped bay of San Juan del Sur, the Pelican Eyes Hotel and Resort glances over the picturesque rocky landscape, offering stunning views of Nicaragua’s Pacific coast, plus the most incredible accommodations and amenities you could probably find in this charming part of the world.

Built in perfect harmony with its surroundings, this magnificent resort features whitewashed adobe walls, pools carved into the hillside, infinity edges blending into the sea and many other goodies, delivering beauty and adventure in an unforgettable package.

The Pelican Eyes Hotel has several luxury villas on offer, showing off graceful windows and doors, with handcrafted furniture and terracotta tile floors beautifully mixed with modern comforts.

Pelican Eyes Hotel

Guests here will always be close to Mother Nature, with activities including strolls through the hotel’s majestic gardens or an afternoon spent watching the resident monkeys. Sure, there’s more to a holiday in Nicaragua than that, such as a day cruising on the ocean, but the wonderful finishing village of San Juan del Sur should definitely make for a good day’s experience as well.

When you’re feeling a bit hungry, you could always try out some local delicacies in one of the many beach-side restaurants, and after the sun goes down, you could always take a moonlit walk on the shores with your significant other. That sounds like the ideal way to spend your vacation in Nicaragua.

Pelican Eyes Hotel

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