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The Poweregg Drone Astounds Everyone At IFA 2016

By Victor Baker


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Poweregg Drone

The Poweregg drone is not your run-of-the-mill quadcopter, or what people usually expect to see when they think of a drone, taking everyone by surprise at the IFA 2016. The world’s first gesture-based, one-handed, unmanned aircraft controller is what makes this thing even more special, allowing Poweregg to take off and land with the simple push of a button, which is why everyone went crazy about it when they’ve first seen it in action.

The one-handed remote packs motion sensing capabilities, which means it will allow users to interact with and manipulate the drone in flight via gesture recognition; if all of this sounds cool, it’s because it is. The future owners of this amazing little thing, who require enhanced control, may also use a traditional two-handed remote control, but the first options sounds a lot more interesting.

Poweregg Drone

The Poweregg is sleek, compact and portable, and it might be the new ideal companion to capture special moments on camera from an awesome perspective. It delivers long distance real-time video transmission up to five kilometers (3.1 miles), it packs HD video transmission and has a maximum flight time of around 23 minutes. That’s impressive, right?

This stunning drone can also fly indoors, low to the ground and in GPS-free areas, and its integrated 4k UHD camera delivers panoramic 360 degree views on a 3-axis gimbal, while the flight software and its multiple automated flight modes takes care of everything else. We’re guessing it’s pretty obvious by now that Poweregg is truly revolutionary, that’s why we’re sure it’s going to be a massive hit.


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