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The Elysium Carbon Fiber Pool Table Is Beyond Awesome

Elysium Carbon Fiber Pool Table

Don’t get excited too soon, as this wonderful carbon fiber pool table has nothing to do with the Sci-Fi Hollywood production launched in 2013. But this doesn’t mean that this futuristic pool table isn’t worthy of your full and undivided attention right now.

The Elysian Fields represent a concept about afterlife, imagined by the greats like Homer, and it seems someone believed this pool table was worthy of the name. IXO designed this table to be super cool and fun and it certainly looks that way from over here.

The Elysium Carbon Fiber Pool Table might be the world’s first pool table made from this special material, hand-built and part of a limited edition of only 50 pieces.

Elysium Carbon Fiber Pool Table

The design of this futuristic pool table also includes light-up sensors, that help with positioning, a silent elevation system and a touchscreen for better game-play management. As an added bonus, Elysium will be available in the same colors as a standard Bugatti Veyron, which is incredible if you’re lucky enough to have one of those in your garage.

Furthermore, the pool table comes with the Elysium Lamp, which hangs above and includes a 4K-resolution camera to record the entire game. Sorry to say that IXO hasn’t released any pricing information just yet, but feel free to contact them and get a clue about the price.

Elysium Carbon Fiber Pool Table


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