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The Ferrari Top Design School Challenge Has Been Won By Manifesto

By Victor Baker


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The three winning concepts of the 2016 Ferrari Top Design School Challenge have been revealed, with six students from the ISD-Rubika in Valenciennes, France, taking home the gold.

The biggest prize, Gran Premio Assoluto, has been awarded for this incredibly cool looking Ferrari Manifesto concept. With a futuristic body design, sleek lines, a unique door opening system and a jaw dropping cockpit, this amazing concept was an instant win.

Another project which received praise from the jurors was the Ferrari FL by Roman Egorov, the proud beneficiary of a special mention, since it was the only design focusing exclusively on the interior.

The Russian student from Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany, imagined an overhauled human machine interface for the Ferrari of the future, not to mention noble materials all over the cabin.


Last but not least, the Ferrari de Esfera concept has been picked by an online ballot as the winner of the “Premio Speciale”. A joint effort of three students learning at the Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, this was a project incredibly popular with the people around the web.

Part of the jury for the Ferrari Top Design School Challenge was also Scuderia’s Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel, just to give you an idea about how tough this design contest was. The Ferrari Manifesto is definitely something we’d love to see in the next 10 or 20 years from Ferrari.


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