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Feel The Force Of The Memorigin Star Wars Captain Phasma Tourbillon

Memorigin Star Wars Captain Phasma

What you’re looking at right now is the Memorigin Star Wars Captain Phasma Tourbillon, a $5,500 Star Wars-themed watch, with a stunning tourbillon, that’s going to be produced in a limited run of just 200 pieces.

Designed and produced under license from Lucasfilm Ltd., by the Hong Kong-based watchmaker Memorigin, this wonderful watch comes with Swiss quality, at decent prices, straight from China.

That may be a strange combination, I admit, but that does not put, in any way, a shade over the watchmaker’s effort to impress us with this eye catching design.

Memorigin Star Wars Captain Phasma

The Memorigin Star Wars Captain Phasma Tourbillon is just what any modern-day young Jedi would want and need to wear in order to feel inspired and part of a team. With a sleek design featuring interesting metallic details, this watch puts out a powerful and somewhat menacing vibe that will surely help anyone start a couple of conversations.

Star Wars fans will appreciate the complex craftsmanship behind this new Star Wars-themed product, that would be a perfect piece for collectors as well. The question is: will this watch help you use the Force, or will it be just a stylish reminder that saving the universe is not for everyone?

Memorigin Star Wars Captain Phasma



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