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Mikol Marmi Will Make Your Business Partners Marvel

By Victor Baker


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Mikol Marmi

Marble is a natural stone that has fascinated every single one of us for centuries; you might have noticed it being involved with some of the world’s most unique projects, such as the imposing Taj Mahal or renowned sculptures from Michelangelo Buonarroti.

But recent years have seen marble entering our lives in many different ways, and areas of our houses, like those bespoke marble kitchen tops you often see in the most lavish homes. But if you can’t afford yet a million dollar mansion, you may also experience its exclusivity and touch of luxury with some fancy business cards from the San Francisco-based design firm Mikol Marmi.

Mikol Marmi

Mikol Marmi offers marble business cards in three versions, specifically Nero Marquina, Carrara White and Light Emperador, and such beauty does not come at a high price. An order of 20 cards will set you back just $125, with larger orders lowering the price as you go along; for instance, an order of 200 cards will cost just $950.

Standard orders will include your name, company name, logo and contact details. However, personalization options will deliver different colors and designs, as well as diamonds and gold dust – if you so desire. Each card is a unique creation, but Mikol’s natural marble designs are not limited to business cards, as the company also offers iPhone cases, laptop cases, cufflinks and necklaces, crafted out of marble.

Mikol Marmi


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