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Louis Vuitton Just Unveiled an All New Monogram Giant Collection

Louis Vuitton Monogram Giant 9

Louis Vuitton is back on our radar with a new stylish collection of leather goods, titled the Monogram Giant. Introduced a few days ago, the new collection features items such as the Speedy bag or the Zippy wallet and various accessories like the LV Iconic Reversible belt or the XL Shawliconic, all of them boasting a nice magnified Monogram print.

The iconic motif, now a recognizable symbol for the French label, was created back in 1896 by Georges Vuitton. The design of this chic motif was inspired from the delicacy of the four petal flower pattern on the Gien earthenware tiles in the family’s kitchen in Asnières. The model was then enriched by adding the initials of the founder of the Maison, the L and V intertwined.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Giant 10

Today, the Monogram pattern is an icon of the brand’s excellence, of their savoir-faire à la française. The last reinterpretation of this pattern gives the print new proportions with the Monogram Giant collection. Ladies who like handbags or accessories with this iconic motif will surely fall in love with this collection.

The brand’s most sought after items like the Speedy handbag or the Zippy coin purse come now with a super sized Monogram motif, which gives everything in the capsule collection an elegant and striking appearance.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Giant 1


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