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Codex is Pininfarina Segno’s interpretation of the “The Da Vinci Code”

By Thom Esveld


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Codex Pininfarina Segno

Drawing inspiration from the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian artisan master Pininfarina Segno crafted an incredible coffer that can hold one secret object secure. This ingenious coffer comes in a limited edition of only 500 pieces, each of them priced at $812 and made from a beautiful combination of aluminum and solid walnut wood.

The way it works is through a cylinder that can only be accessed by correctly aligning the letters that compose a secret code which seals whatever is inside. The center of the cylinder has an empty space that can hide away a Pininfarina Segno stylus, important information or many other small personal objects.

Codex Pininfarina Segno 3

The whole idea came from the ‘Cryptex’ in Dan Brown’s bestseller novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Codex is a wonderful item that might be the perfect gift for those fans of the book and Leonardo Da Vinci’s creations. Pininfarina Segno actually got the idea for this coffer from a student project at the European Institute of Design of Turin, which had students come up with an original object for an author’s desk.

If you’ve always wanted to hide something precious in plain sight, this limited-edition coffer might be as good as it gets.

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