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Guerlain unveils The New Dreamy Flacon Tortue

By Victor Baker


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Flacon Tortue

The house of Guerlain has launched the luxury limited edition Flacon Tortue, meant to make everyone’s day a bit better once the holiday season of 2015 arrives. Actually, the official name of this new fragrance is “Flacon Tortue Parfum Exceptional Edition”, a special scent that was meant to be a reincarnation of Parfum du 68 from 2013 – but way more intense.

Featuring an opulent floral – woody and spicy scent, developed by the famed Thierry Wasser, this exquisite perfume has a gorgeous mix of accords of mandarin, pink pepper, immortelle, jasmine, osmanthus, benzoin, vanilla and tonka bean.

Flacon Tortue

Its name was inspired by the turtle-shaped bottle that was first launched by Guerlain back in 1913. It’s also worth mentioning that the bottle was imagined by the famous French crystal factory Baccarat, each one of them being made by hand and decorated with silk threads, interwoven in a wonderful way.

The Flacon Tortue Parfum Exceptional Edition will be available in just 47 bottles of 60 ml, each of them priced at a massive 9,500 Euros.

Flacon Tortue

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