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Order Your Goldgenie iPad Pro Now!

By Victor Baker


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The iPad Pro is already an exciting gadget, but the guys from Goldgenie wanted to add their own touch of luxury to this amazing tablet. That’s why the London-based company has developed customized versions of the iPad Pro in gold, platinum and rose gold, that are already available for pre-order, once you pay £967.50 ($1,460) out of the full price of £1,855 ($2,799).

If that seems like a lot, it’s because it is. But these pics seem to speak volumes, and you may even have your very own bespoke iPad version made, thanks to Goldgenie and their laser engraving option: from a corporate logo to a monogram, the team will ensure that your device is speaking your language.

The specifications of the Goldgenie iPad are about the same: a large 12.9-inch display screen, double the processing power of the iPad Air 2, an efficient battery and the ability to facilitate 4K video playback and editing. Get your own luxury version of the iPad Pro and start creating some buzz.

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