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Glitz and Glam on Lake Como at the splendid Villa d’Este

By Victor Baker


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Villa d'Este

The minute you get a glimpse of the splendid Villa d’Este, you feel like you could be a part of one of those glamorous movies from the 1950s. You get chills down your spine and care about nothing else but getting here as fast as humanly possible.

Set right on the shoes of the beautiful Lake Como, the luxurious Villa d’Este has been welcoming guests since 1873 with incredible service, breathtaking gardens, brocaded silk and embellished furniture. This place is the stuff that dreams are made of, blending classical luxury with modern comforts and a jaw dropping floating swimming pool.

Villa d'Este

There are 152 gorgeous rooms to choose from, spread between two historical buildings dating back to a time when the villa used to serve as the summer home of a 16th century Cardinal, and two ‘newer’ villas, Villa Cima and Villa Malakoff, completed back in the 1800s. The massive Cardinal Suite is the best room in this lavish hotel, featuring sweeping views of the lake and 1.080 sq ft of finely decorated living area.

Spending time at Villa d’Este could be pretty fun as well. You get the chance to swim in the hotel’s mesmerizing floating pool, you could go windsurfing, or sailing, enjoy water skiing, or just let it all go and go pass the time at one of the six 18-hole golf courses nearby. Once that’s all over, you are invited to enjoy the spa’s Turkish bath – you’ll definitely love it here!

Villa d'Este


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