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Devialet Phantom is the Most Powerful Compact Speaker Ever

By Victor Baker


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Devialet Phantom

The Devialet Phantom is publicly praised as the most powerful compact speaker to have ever seen the light. The 3,000-watt speaker pushes out an impressive 99 decibels, which is somewhat similar to the noise you experience while riding a motorcycle. Starting off at $1,900, the speaker’s technical specifications are a bit confusing even for audiophiles.

This impressive speaker makes use of the Devialet-designed Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) technology, a self-contained system which combines the sophistication of the Analog amplification (Class A) with the power and small size of the Digital amplification (Class D). It’s all about two hermetic woofers which allow the Phantom to deliver intense beats, probably way too intense for an apartment.

Devialet Phantom

Looking absolutely stylish as well, this 25-pound speaker is incredibly versatile and can be used wirelessly no matter what device you use. Music aficionados will have to control the volume through a special app called Shark, which may come in handy since the speakers only have one button, and that’s for turning them on or off.

Sans the app, you’ll have to make due with the controls that are built into whatever you’re streaming it through, such as Spotify or iTunes. Entertaining your guests will never be the same, and whether you want to or not, the entire neighborhood will have to party along with you.

Devialet Phantom

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