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The Exclusive Lamborghini Veneno

By Brian Pho


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Finally, after numerous teasers, trailers, leaks and pre-release photos, the brand new and extremely exclusive Lamborghini Veneno was officially unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

This staggering hypercar was developed, designed and manufactured as a celebration to the Italian brand’s 50th anniversary. It simply destroys the reputation of the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari F70 and was reportedly named after the infamous bull which fatally wounded José Sánchez Rodríguez in 1914, during a bullfight. The car comes with superb dynamic capabilities and “optimum downforce with minimal drag”, being fully crafted from carbon fiber.

It comes with a stunning aerodynamic body kit with huge air channels the redirect the flow of air towards the rear, upwards and away. The car also sports insanely big air intakes, scissor doors and Y-shaped headlights. Additional parts would be the exhaust system with four tailpipes, a huge diffuser, the adjustable rear wing, a ventilated engine cover with large central shark-fin which adds to the car’s downforce and provides better stability, alongside a set of exclusive alloy wheels.

The exterior of the Veneno will be painted in metallic grey with visible carbon fiber sections and tri-color accents as a tribute to the three tones on the Italian flag. According to Lamborghini officials, the show car which was presented at Geneva, a test prototype, will be the only one with all three colors. Future customers will have to choose one of them solely. Inside, the design of the exterior is being continued up to the instrument cluster. This one is brand new and will be assisted by woven carbon fiber CarbonSkin trim and Forged Composite seats.

Performance-wise, the bonnet of the Veneno hides a 6.5-liter V12 engine derived from the one on the Aventador. It delivers 750 HP (552 kW) though and comes mated to a 7-speed ISR transmission and permanent all-wheel drive system. The Lambo, weighing around 1,450 kg (3,190 lbs), is able to sprint from naught to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.8 seconds up to a top speed of 220 mph (355 km/h).

Three units will reportedly be sold to worldwide customers, all of them having already been ordered. As for the price, it is astronomically huge – €3 million apiece (or $3.8 million).


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